What is suitable for eating in autumn?

What is suitable for eating in autumn?

What is suitable for eating in autumn?

Autumn health is expensive in raising yin and preventing dryness.

In autumn, the yang is gradually increasing and the yin is growing. Therefore, maintaining the body’s yin becomes the primary task, and the key to nourishing yin is to prevent dryness. This principle should be implemented in all aspects of life.

Let’s take a look at the autumn health food recommended by health experts: Osteoporosis and anemia are the best supplements for the elderly in the fall.

  2, honey honey is a chronic traditional supplement, with the effect of clearing heat, detoxification and relieving pain, moistening the lungs and nourishing the lungs, for neurasthenia, coronary arteriosclerosis, hypertension, lung disease and other complications.

Older people can take honey instead of sugar in the fall and take it regularly.

But people with diabetes are careful to eat honey.

  3, chrysanthemum can disperse the wind and calm the liver, clear heart and trouble, wind and throat, Shengjin eyesight, hangover poison, have a certain auxiliary treatment for colds and headaches.

The elderly can receive chrysanthemum tea properly in the fall to achieve the maintenance purpose of smoldering lungs.

  4, sweet potato sweet potato is evaluated as the best food on the table, it has the effect of preventing cancer, preventing constipation, losing weight, often eating sweet potatoes can prolong life.

  5, peanut Chinese medicine believes that peanuts can help tonic, and stomach and spleen, lungs and phlegm, regulate qi and water, stop cough, enhance memory, anti-aging, but also arteriosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease.

It is good for the elderly to eat some peanuts in moderation, but not too much.