The Mediterranean manager touched his own hair that had few strands and asked。

Qin Feng squinted,“she is my friend,But is our relationship important??There is a problem with what you are doing。What did she do wrong?Why expelled?”
“Cough,Sir, you should also know what happened before。Or,You are the party。I don’t need to remind me,If you encounter this kind of trouble,We usually send away people who are in trouble。This is the most convenient solution。”
“That line,Then compensate!”Qin Feng didn’t say that he wanted Yang Xi to go back to work.。Only now he talked about compensation。
“This is easy to say,We follow the rules,The company has paid for her for a month。”The Mediterranean manager thinks that Qin Feng should also be a reasonable person,And now he thinks he should have read it right,This man named Qin Feng wants to show his strength in front of women,So if their company gives enough face,Let Qin Feng soak in Yang Xi’s words,That may be good for both parties。
It’s just such a cute girl.Ugh,So why didn’t you find Yang Xi so attractive before??
Of course Qin Feng didn’t know that this manager would have so many psychological activities,He just sneered,“Ha ha!How can one month be enough。”
“That works,Two months’ salary。I can make this decision on behalf of the company。”The manager feels he has given enough face。And the other party has a step,Should go down too?
unfortunately,He has been thinking about things from the beginning,Qin Feng didn’t come to ask for face and soak a girl,He’s here to get justice。
Qin Feng sat here and said,“Can you represent the company?well,I am going to sue your company,Thus,Your company will definitely find it troublesome。The same reason,Will expel you from Xishiningren,Is that the truth??”
“what?you.”The manager is in a cold sweat,He spent more than ten years at the airport before he took the position of the person in charge of the airport,If Qin Feng makes trouble like this。He really might be driven
“but,What are you going to sue our company?This is not right,I did nothing wrong,I.”