695 Old home
It’s not because the whole world90%The reason why your baby has stayed in their home,The priceless porcelain is just a bowl for him to eat。
This is experience!
So this is why Lawrence was surprised that the gambling king sent such a young Chen Xiu out to appraise。
Chen Xiu followed and Zhang Haishan、Chai Hongquan and they learned to appraise treasure,Keep learning,Bensheng’s ability to appraise treasures is no less than that of ordinary experts。
But it is still his shortcoming for metal antiques。
Visually,He also couldn’t tell the truth of this dragon head,Therefore, you have to use the dragon jade pendant。
As soon as he touched the dragon head with his fingers, a strong thought power melted into his body,At the same time a piece of information emerged in my mind:“Qianlong Period in Qing Dynasty,Bronze Statue of Human Body and Beast Head of the Twelve Zodiac in Old Summer Palace,Integrity30%,The current market value is 280 million。”
Chen Xiu was puzzled:“This dragon head is very well preserved,How to prompt intact degree of freedom30%?”
“Except for the original traces of the dragon head being sawed from the statue,No other flaws,Copper rust corrosion is not serious,Judging from the appearance, the integrity is at least90%That’s right!”
“correct,Why am i so stupid!”
Chen Xiu reacted immediately:“Bronze Statue of Human Body and Beast Head of the Twelve Zodiac in Old Summer Palace,It was originally part of the fountain outside Haiyan Hall in Old Summer Palace,With the body itself。
1860When the British and French forces burned the Old Summer Palace,Because the whole bronze statue is too heavy,These robbers saw off the head of the beast and took it away。
The dragon jade pendant is evaluated as a bronze statue as a whole,That’s why it is said that the preservation is only30%。
A statue has only one head,Naturally30%。”
The gambling king and his son saw Chen Xiu holding the dragon head in silence,I thought he couldn’t tell,He Shouheng even whispered:“Brother Chen,If you didn’t pay attention for a while,I also have an expert team of Jianbao,I’ll come over immediately。”
Even more comforting:“This appraise treasure is the hardest thing to say,When old Mr. Wang Shixiang had lost his eyes。We are cautious not to lose face!”