Of course, he was also highly voted as the first secretary general of the World Quantum Technology Alliance,Responsible for coordinating various companies、Research Institute、Relationship between university laboratories,Handle various affairs within the alliance。

The next thing he has to do is to ensure the smooth operation of this alliance,And invite more allies,Gain greater influence。The best result is the first in the alliance to develop a quantum computer that can rival the Huaxia people,Even if not,Another level of use of the alliance is highlighted。
With these companies、Research Institute、The laboratory has accumulated accumulated patents applied for quantum computer design over the years,Forcibly create a patent barrier。
in other words,If the speed is really not comparable to the technology,So Love·Dracula will decide to use patent touch porcelain,To limit the production of China’s quantum computers。
of course,Love·Dracula doesn’t want to go this far,Looks too shameless。
Although compared with benefits,Love·Dracula doesn’t care much about the vain things like faces,But if you can gain face through strength,He still doesn’t want to hurt his face。
And now the first thing he has to do is to invite John·Martinis re-emerged。
Google is an important part of the entire quantum technology alliance,The entire hardware architecture of the world’s most advanced quantum computer demonstrated by Google was created by John·Designed by Martinis,One can imagine how important the position of this physicist is。
Before John·Martinis has trouble with Google,Resigned,It doesn’t matter if both sides can’t pull the bottom。
After all, everyone is now an alliance,So many companies in the alliance,So many laboratories,Anything John·It doesn’t matter which laboratory Martinis chooses to continue research。
Technology sharing!
He can still conduct research on the quantum computer hardware originally designed for Google,Will not waste time。
This is the benefit of the Quantum Technology Alliance。
You can make up for the mistakes you made before,The talent siphon effect can also double。
Driven by a happy mood,Love·Dracula specially selected for John at 2:05 PM·Martinis called,In this call, he will invite John to become a special researcher within the alliance as the secretary general of the World Quantum Technology Alliance.。
Choosing this time is naturally in respect of the great scientist。
He learned from a researcher at Google,Because Professor John often works late at night or even early morning,So I keep the habit of lunch break。The lunch break starts on time at 1:30 after lunch,Get up at two o’clock in the afternoon,Thunderous。
So he specially selected John to invite five minutes after getting up,People are no longer angry at this time,And this call just helped Professor John to fully wake up,And then go to work。
This is the detail。