Fast-paced work, stressful teachers, depression at school

Fast-paced work, stressful teachers, depression at school

Zhou Jia, 30, has been a teacher for 5 years. Because of her excellent work, she has been the head teacher of the class and the leader of the language group of the school year group.

Zhou Jia told reporters that in the past two or two years, before the beginning of school, her mood was easy to change, she was angry, and often had a tight chest and dizziness.

Therefore, she went to the hospital for an examination, and the doctor said that it was caused by excessive psychological stress.

“I work tight every day.

I arrive at the school on time every day at 7 am, take care of the students during the lunch break, talk to the students after school in the afternoon, return home to prepare classes in the evening, learn computers during the holidays, and participate in class reform training. I spend every day on the go.

When I think of school, I have to face it, can I not worry about it?

Zhou Jia is helpless.

  ”It is indeed the start of school that has affected mood.

“Li Yingli, a primary school teacher in Kashi, has similar experiences with Zhou Jia.

Li Yingli told reporters in pain: “I have n’t been studying for a few days, and I often have insomnia at night and can’t sleep.

Lying on the bed, all my thoughts are how to deal with students after school starts, and how to teach students with uneven grades.

Because it is not easy to be a teacher now.

Be strict with the students, afraid that some students who are more fragile will not accept it, and some parents will complain about it.

Asking students to relax a little and fearing irresponsible charges.

Therefore, one semester often feels exhausted.

“” At the beginning of the school, I will be faced with inexhaustible tests, unprepared lessons, and an inexhaustible mind, which makes me breathless.

Uneasy and restless all day!

During the interview, many teachers in Harbin complained to reporters.

The reporter also learned that some teachers have to go to the hospital for treatment, and some teachers even rely on sleeping pills to ensure sleep.

  Principal Zheng Ying of Leifeng Primary School in Harbin told reporters that before the beginning of school every year, students and parents are likely to suffer from “school anxiety”, and even teachers may show symptoms such as irritability and worry.

Among them, female teachers seem to be more worried than male teachers, and the pressure from the head teacher exceeds that of ordinary teachers.

This is mainly due to mortality. The previous education system is undergoing comprehensive reforms, such as job title evaluation, teacher appointment, final elimination, pay based on merit, etc., coupled with the current level of attention to education in the whole society, and parents’ education onThe requirements are getting higher and higher, which makes every teacher realize the unprecedented pressure.

Therefore, before the beginning of each semester, the school must use a week or so to help teachers change their emotions, ease them, and quickly merge new semesters through psychological counseling lectures, seminars and other forms.