Who is the most memorable person in your life

Who is the most memorable person in your life

Make a wish before starting this quiz: Attention!

Please answer this questionnaire in order.

There are only 4 questions in total, but if you peek around before answering, you will not get a truly honest answer.

Please read and answer slowly now.

Don’t peek in advance, please prepare pen and paper to write your answer.

At the end of the questionnaire you will need it to interpret your personality: this is a very honest questionnaire that will tell you a lot about your true self.

  The following 5 kinds of animals are listed in the order you like them:-cow-tiger-sheep-horse-pig-please write an adjective you feel about it after each of the following sentences:-dog-Cat-mouse-coffee-hai please think of some people (these people must know you and are very important to you), replace these people with the following colors, (do not repeat the name or color), Each individual can only associate with one color.

  -Yellow-orange red-red-white-green Finally, please write down your lucky number and your favorite day of the week: have you written it?

Make sure the answer you write is what you really feel inside. This is your last chance to make any changes.

Now look at the following explanation: But before you read it, please make your wish again.

  This will explain the order of many important events in your mind: cattle: for career, tiger: for self-confidence, sheep: for love, horse: for family, pig: for money. Your adjective for dogs is your own personality.
Your adjective for cats is the personality of your partner.

Your adjective for mice is the personality of your enemy.

Your adjective for coffee is what describes your perception of sex.

Your adjective about the sea is to describe your view of your own life.

  Yellow: This is a person you will never forget.

  Orange: This is a person you can always be a true friend.

  Red: This is a person you really love.

  White: This is the twin of your soul.

  Green: This is a person you will never forget.