After Qin Feng stayed in the capital for a few days and found that there was nothing wrong with him, he returned to Myanmar.。
Because according to Cen Wen,It’s the poisonous general’s people who are starting to be dishonest again,Send spies from time to time to inquire about the situation,Or some kind of temptation。
In the end, of course, Cen Wen’s people caught these spies and executed them all.。
By contrast,Cen Wen does not have any military etiquette at all,If you capture an enemy soldier,Basically just cut it off。After all, he himself has no connection with this kind of military combat。
The members of his team are not soldiers either,Originally came from a gang or some terrorist。
have to say,Cen Wen’s cohesion is still quite strong,Otherwise, if these people are used by Qin Feng,I can’t control it。the most important is,Qin Feng didn’t dare to take in these people。
Two days later,Qin Feng returned to Burma,Sitting in the small room and asking Cen Wen,“and so,Do you have any idea?”
“Traore, one of the Seven Saints, sits opposite。Or,Maybe deep in his heart he just wants to wait for me to show up,Otherwise, the members will not be so anxious to retreat from Myanmar。If you guess right now,There will be a big battle between us。just,By contrast,I can’t do it here。”
Cen Wen’s meaning is obvious,That is, the people under his hands are definitely not enough,Need Qin Feng’s cooperation。The issue is,Qin Feng may be able to cooperate with him,But if Qin Feng was asked to kill the people under his hands, he would definitely not agree.。
Thus,Cen Wen couldn’t execute the plan in the direction he designed,May be at a disadvantage when facing Traore。
To know,When the members of the Seven Saints play the game, they basically have the intention of sacrificing some people.。Because only a few people are sacrificed to let others into the game,They can fight back in the trap。
“Don’t want to use my people,nonexistent!”Qin Feng has a smile on his face,“The border is so long,We just fight each other。This is not just a battle between you seven sages。I also want to see,Such as
If he finds himself looking away and underestimating what kind of result I will be。”
The only thing Qin Feng knew was,The spider gang may not look at him。Don’t even think he has the power to counter those people。