Wu Lingyue sits closer to Xia Jian,Almost her whole body is attached to Xia Jian’s body。Originally two glasses of wine made people a little angry,Plus there is such a stunner next to him,Xia Jian’s heart is really roasting。

“President Xia!You may not know!My sister’s marriage with Luo Jun is actually not true,The union between them,Is actually a combination of interests。Don’t you know this!”Wu Ling exhales like silk,She crawled on Xia Jian’s shoulders,Said softly。
Xia Jian had suspected this before,It’s just that he doesn’t think it has much to do with him,So he didn’t bother to think about it,I didn’t expect Wu Ling to tell him about it today。What does this woman mean?What kind of medicine is sold in the gourd??
I looked a little surprised at Xia Jian。Wu Ling raised his glass again,It’s just that she didn’t finish drinking this time,But took a sip。
“Sister Wu!I’ll really fall in your arms after drinking it”Xia Jian was laughing deliberately,Raised the glass and took a swig。Her voice changed,Tongue starts to roll,It’s like really drinking too much。
But Xia Jian has drunk a lot,The average person’s alcohol intake is no more than that,If he pretends to be drunk now, he can still say the past。
Wu Ling said with a charming smile:“All right!Stop calling sister Wu,As if I were as old as my sister。Actually I can’t be how old you are”
This woman is really beautiful,Body twisting up and down beside Xia Jian。Xia Jian wanted to test this woman’s true intentions。He said deliberately:“Do not!Sister is beautiful,So charming”Xia Jian said,I stretched out my right hand quietly,Hugged Wu Ling’s somewhat plump waist。
He clearly felt,Wu Ling’s body trembled,Then she blinked at Xiaona。Xia Jian is pretending to be drunk,So everything Wu Ling did,He saw it clearly。
Xiaona saw that Wu Ling sent her a signal,And came over with a wine glass,He twisted his ass and sat on Xia Jian’s thigh,A pink arm is also wrapped around Xia Jian’s neck。Wu Ling took the opportunity to pull away,Sitting far away。
Xia Jian sneered in his heart,But he didn’t say anything。Xiaona’s body in a cheongsam was moving like a water snake in Xia Jian’s arms,But the wine glass in her hand rushed to Xia Jian’s mouth accurately。
Xia Jian’s lips clamped the wine glass,The tongue is on the edge of the wine glass,Slowly let the wine in the glass enter his mouth。Simultaneously,One of his hands runs along Xiaona’s thigh in stockings,Touched it slowly。
The strange thing is that Xiaona is like a okay person,Let Xia Jian’s hand touch Hao。Wu Ling sitting aside,My eyes were a little blurred, watching Xiaona filling Xia Jian with wine。
suddenly,Xia Jianmeng stood up,He pushed Xiaona away in his arms,Swinging,Hurriedly rushed into the bathroom。As soon as others enter,A mouthful,I threw up at the washbasin。
Actually drink these wines,Just for him,But he won’t spit it out tonight,Pretending to be drunk,He can’t pass this level tonight。So when Xiaona filled him with wine just now,He is ready to vomit。