“Did Miss Luo always accompany Mr. Yang on business trips??”Xia Jian has nothing to say,Randomly found a topic。

Luo Xiaoyi smiled and said:“Basically,domestic、Almost all over the world”Luo Xiaoyi speaks slowly,As if it was specially trained。
Xia Jian took a look at Luo Xiaoyi,No more words。At this time,The front team started to move,It should be the ticket check。
at this time,Yang Ying came over from the bathroom。Because when she left just now,There is no one behind Xia Jian and Luo Xiaoyi,When she comes back,Followed by a dozen or twenty。
Yang Ying didn’t think much,I stood directly behind Xia Jian。Suddenly there is a beard,The man in the top hat said with a weird voice:“beauty!You insert so casually?”
There is something in this guy’s words,Of course Yang Ying is angry,She turned around abruptly and said:“Please pay attention to your words,I was here just now”
“Doesn’t it sound good??Stop pretending to be serious!”When this guy is talking,A pair of obsessive eyes scurrying up and down Yang Ying’s body。Xia Jian’s anger went straight up。
Yang Ying glanced at this person,Said with disgust:“loser!”
When this guy heard Yang Ying scolded him,Immediately pointed at Yang Ying’s face and shouted:“You scold again”Just before his voice fell,Luo Yi, who was on Yang Ying’s side, suddenly shot,Fast as lightning。
Just listen to the man,Luo Yi’s hand has been twisted behind him。Luo Yi lowered his voice and said:“Dare you say another word,I will let you live with one hand in this life”
The ghost is afraid of the wicked,Luo Yi controlled this guy,Suddenly like a punctured balloon。He gasped and said:“Can’t I say it?”
“forget it!Don’t compare with him”Yang Ying turned around and said something。Luo Yi let go,This guy is already sweating。It seems that Luo Yi did not do anything lightly。
Xia Jian sees it,Busy let Yang Ying stand in front of him。After this fallout,Which individuals who followed have seen Luo Yi’s power,No one dares to speak anymore。
Stand for a few minutes before boarding。Xia Jian’s position is next to Luo Yi’s seat,She was very witty and changed with Yang Ying。Thus,Xia Jian and Yang Ying sat together,And the two of them are in a row。
Xia Jian let Yang Ying sit down inside,Then he sat on the edge of the passage。Yang Ying looked at Xia Jian and said:“Did I just do it too rudely??”
“No!Your temper is pretty good,if it was me,Are possible”What Xia Jian said is true。If it wasn’t for Luo Yi,,He just shot,it is necessary。