How to choose and use a newborn diaper

How to choose and use a newborn diaper

The selection and use of diapers for newborns is a must-have everyday item for newborns and babies, but the details of the selection, use, cleaning and other aspects of diapers for newborn babies cannot be ignored.

  Should use soft, absorbent, durable cotton, old cloth is better, such as old cotton, bed sheets, clothes are good substitute materials.

It can also be made with new cotton cloth and rubbed thoroughly before use. The color of newborn diapers should be white, light yellow and light powder. Avoid dark, especially blue, blue and purple.

  Diapers should not be too thick or too long, so as not to be caught between the legs for a long time to cause deformation of the lower limbs, and also easily cause pollution.

Diapers should be prepared before the baby is born, washed and disinfected before use, and dried in the sun.

  When choosing a diaper, you must choose a diaper with good breathability and a suitable size for the baby’s body size.

  A baby needs about 20 diapers a day and night. Usually pay attention to the baby and change the diaper in time. For example, before feeding the baby, check whether the diaper is wet or not.understood.

  Before changing your baby’s diaper, first place a large diaper changing pad on the lower body of the baby to prevent the baby from suddenly urinating or shit during the diaper change.Wet diapers.

Open the diaper cover. For a boy, put a few more diapers in front of the perineum. If a girl can put a few more diapers under the buttocks to increase the moisture absorption of special parts.

Fold the front piece of the diaper on the baby’s belly. The length of the diaper should not exceed the belly button.

  After wearing, you should check whether the hook and loop fastener fits properly. It is advisable that the mother’s two fingers can be put into the tightness.

Then check whether the diaper at the root of the thigh is exposed and the elasticity is appropriate. Too loose will cause side leakage of urine.

  However, it should be reminded that it should not be too tight or too loose when babies are diapered. Too tight always hinders the baby’s activities and affects the baby’s breathing. Too loose feces will overflow and pollute the surroundings.

  Wash the diaper After changing the diaper, be sure to wash it in time. First wash the stool on the diaper with water, then wipe it with neutral soap and leave it for 20?
After 30 minutes, scald with boiling water, rub it a little after cooling, the yellow spots of the stool can be easily washed, and then washed with water to dry for later use; if there is no stool on the diaper, just wash with water 2?
3 times.