Taiyuan Station, Taiyuan South Railway Station recruited 70 summer volunteers

  Original title: Taiyuan Station, Taiyuan South Railway Station Recruiting 70 Summer Volunteers July 9th, the reporter learned from the railway department, "2021 summer volunteer recruitment announcement" will be released to recruit 70 summer volunteers for Taiyuan City.

Make call 0351-12355 or pay attention to the "Shanxi Youth Career Development" WeChat platform, and reply (the summer volunteers) can get the registration link. It is understood that the volunteers of this recruitment mainly serve two passenger terminals in Taiyuan Station and Taiyuan South Railway Station. The specific service time is from July 12th to August 31 daily 09: 00-17: 00 (service length and shift According to the passenger flow, the volunteers are not over 8 hours when the volunteers are on sale. Once the summer vacation volunteers will be hired, the railway department will be unified to train, and provide the necessary safety protection supplies such as positions, providing masks, to buy personal accident insurance, providing food, transportation and other basic guarantee subsidies. After the pre-job training, will cooperate with the station staff to introduce and enter and exit, health code, and enter the station ticket guidance and waiting room convenient to change the boot.

According to reports, in order to encourage the majority of return to the students to actively participate in social practical volunteer activities, the recruitment has also established a number of incentive protection: unified use "Volunteer" app during volunteering, record volunteer service, as a comment The basis for first select excellence.

  After the volunteer service, the Shanxi Youth Practitioner Development Center, the Shanxi Youth Volunteer Association, etc., the volunteer service certificate, feedback, the school and units.

Special highlights will issue an excellent volunteer service certificate.

(Reporter Li Tao).