As for the location of the group headquarters,Killing Chen Geng didn’t expect the matter to be solved like this:Today’s listing ceremony was held in the district government of Chaoyang, the capital.,For Chen Geng’s investment,That’s how important it is in China,After learning that COMAC did not have a suitable headquarters office space,Personal coordination in the chief,Directly lent the Chaoyang District Government Office Compound to China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Group。

It’s so urinary。
Chen Geng also voted for peaches,Not only solemnly promised the district government that he was only temporarily borrowing,Move away after the group headquarters building is completed,And he promised to donate two office buildings to the district government after moving out,So everyone is happy。
First676chapter Human heart
When the brand of China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group officially hung in the capital,The remote Bashurong city,The gate of Rongcheng Aviation Engine Manufacturing Plant under the former Ministry of Aviation Industry,It’s also crowded,Everyone is excitedly waiting for the next moment when the unit officially changes cards。.
Among the dense crowd,Everyone is making friends、Comrades whispering……
“Pharaoh,You said,The new boss can really send us so much money?I have calculated according to the salary rules announced before,If you follow the algorithm,We can get one hundred twenty thirty yuan a month,More than our previous two months’ salary。”
“People have money!”Lao Wang smack his lips,The eyes are full of longing for a better life in the future:“Didn’t you read the previous introduction about the big boss from America?,I am the owner of IWC,This year alone,IWC’s sales can break through100Ten thousand,One million……Tut,All the cars in our country add up,How much is a year?”
“Isn’t it??”Someone took the call:“I read the report,Mr. Chen is also the largest microcomputer company in the United States:The boss of United Data Corporation,I heard they sold millions of computers in the first half of this year,The domestic companies that produce picture tubes for them work overtime and produce picture tubes that cannot meet their needs.,Boss Chen has to be a European、The Japanese and Americans purchase picture tubes……”
“Ugh,You said,Shouldn’t our unit also produce motorcycles next??When you say, can we buy a motorcycle at the internal price?”Some people said with a look of longing:1982Now of the year,It’s comparable to having a bicycle30Many years later there is a MercedescEven more proud,Have a motorcycle?The rate of return on that road、Attention rate is almost better than Mercedes-BenzsClass Maybach is much more exaggerated。
Everyone laughed suddenly:“Your surname is your virtue,Still want to ride a motorcycle?!”
Everyone’s discussion,It’s not that I don’t trust Chen Geng,In fact, it is more uneasy about life changes,And yearning for a better life in Weilai。
As the only aero engine manufacturer under the China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group,After knowing that my company will merge with the big American boss,These days,There has always been a mixed anxiety in Chengfa Factory、Factors of tension and anticipation and excitement。
The reason for being nervous and uneasy,Of course it’s because the set that everyone has been accustomed to has been broken,in this era,Not everyone can face change calmly,In fact, few people can face this change calmly,But compared to nervousness and anxiety,Everyone is more excited and looking forward to。
The reason for excitement and anticipation is also very simple,It’s not just Chen Geng who brought in from Rolls-Royce, England“Thai”650-8cComplete technology of turbofan engine,Even more because everyone will no longer have to worry about the unit’s inability to pay wages in the future:The big boss from the U.S. wants to engage in car and motorcycle projects,The production of cars and some motorcycles is handed over to Hafei Factory,The production of motorcycle engines and automobile engines are allocated to Chengfa Plant.,In addition,To meet the demand for motorcycles throughout the Southwest,Chengfa Factory has also been allocated some motorcycle production capacity。
There is no better news than this,Who doesn’t know that a motorcycle is a good thing?
Because of the predictable good life in the future,Plus it has been announced before“Basic wage+Performance pay+bonus”New salary structure model,Everyone knows that the future Chengfa Factory will no longer be“Do more and do less、Do and not do the same”Big pot of rice,Really rely on one’s own ability and hard work to make money,Who is the best、Who is more industrious,Whoever earns more will follow the previously announced salary algorithm,Any worker,As long as he works hard,Get it in one month120How much salary,And there are various benefits!