“Yes,Surround this person!”

At this time the enthusiasm of these people was fully mobilized,It’s like there will be rewards for defeating Qin Feng。
And the Song Division and the adjutant who are not far away are watching this scene。
The adjutant is a little afraid of accident,Just said,“Division,Don’t you stop??Although Tamron may not be very strong,But we only have the fragrance。”
“ignore him,I really don’t believe that the new kid can make a big wave!”The Department of the Song Division squatted,“I really thought everyone was Yan Wang Chuxiao?”
Speaking of the nine-day captain,Teacher Song is still muttering。It depends on the situation that you have suffered a loss。
the other side,Qin Feng has already fought with those special members。
It’s just that the fragrance of being a captain didn’t stop it。She frowned,I want to see how strong Qin Feng is,How many people will fall down before falling down。
of course,She knows that Qin Feng’s strength is above him。After all, she felt that she was equal to Luo Cheng before,But since Qin Feng is the boss,And is the finale member,This means that the strength may be the strongest among these people。
But even so,Fenfang doesn’t think Qin Feng will bring down a team of two hundred people。
Now she is considering if Qin Feng is able to defeat the number of people who besieged her at the time by more than twice。Maybe she will consider joining the Tamron team。
She set the specific number50about。
“watch out!”
“Exchange,To fight!”
At this moment Qin Feng somewhat understands what is called“Not crazy, not live!”
Although there are a lot of people,But he has strong practical experience。Even if the special members in front of you have been systematically trained,But he still dodges the attack easily。
At the same time, Qin Feng fought back with the least loss,Basically, one person rushes forward with a hand knife5People down。At this time, these people have not had time to form a circle。