The beauty of the bank nodded。

Start to help Fang Yu confirm!
“Sorry……These checks,invalid!”
Bank beauty helpless。
Fang Yu Lengdao。
That Xun Lin,Actually gave a fake check?
“never mind!”
Fang Yu got the check back。
Very annoyed!
About this car,Can’t just leave it like this。
“Miss Jiang,Where is Xun Lin?”
Out of the bank,Fang Yu asked。
“Why are you looking for him?It’s hard to find fault?”
Jiang Waner said to herself。
“The check he gave me,is fake……What do you think about my car?”Fang Yu asked。
“Don’t get excited……Xun’s family is really not something you can handle!Not as good as this,I asked my father to give you money to buy another car……”
Jiang Wan’er persuaded。
Because of Fang Yu,The Xun family and Jiang family collapsed completely。
This is also what she heard from her father in the morning,Let her ignore Xun Lin。