Take a break for 20 minutes before taking a bath

Take a break for 20 minutes before taking a bath

Breathless, sweaty . the sweat soaked in clothes after a long run, and it was so irritating that someone was tired of sticking to the body, I wish I could take a shower immediately.

As everyone knows, just after the long-distance running and taking a bath immediately, the body is refreshed, but it has caused health hazards.

  ”It is not advisable to take a bath immediately after long-distance running,” Sun Weixing, an associate professor of education and training at Beijing Sport University, told the Life Times reporter that the blood circulation of the human body is already fast during long-distance running. When we stop exercising, we need to stop to allow blood circulation.Stopping at a speed can restore normal levels.

“If you take a bath right away, it will continue to increase blood flow in your skin.

“He analyzed, which caused the muscles to continue to be strained and the body more fatigued.

In addition, taking a hot bath immediately will cause insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, which can easily make people hypoxic, which can lead to unconsciousness and dizziness; in other words, collapse to shock, and even easily bring some chronic diseases to your door.Come.

He also pointed out that almost all land sports cannot be bathed immediately after the end, and the army should take a quick bath after diving, swimming and other water sports.

  ”It’s more appropriate to take a shower after 20 minutes of running.

“Sun Weixing told reporters,” Of course, after exercise, it is best not to take a bath with an empty stomach.

“Because the bath also consumes energy, if you feel hungry before taking a bath, don’t interfere with placing cookies, chocolate, bread, etc.

In addition, drink some water appropriately, do not drink booze, take a small sip.