As a representative of the conference: to create a unique cultural IP

Representatives of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress, the Dashun District Party Secretary received an exclusive visit to the People’s Network. Zou Le photographed the seven major events this year. There will be seven major events this year. Among them, the first thing is to build a large-scale stone carving cultural park.

"This is a big event. We will build a group of cultural projects such as the Big Foot Stone Carvant Tourist Center, do the world’s heritage tour, do strong hot spring health tour, do drunken rice tourism, accelerate high-end hotel, high-end home, Let more people come to the big foot to see the head, have a head, there is a buyer, eat well, live well, play well.

"In the conference, the big foot will also surround the four" world-class "goals, and accelerate the construction of the Malaysian Stone Carvings into the World Well-known Institute, form the academic double star of" Northern Dunhuang, South University ", attracting more Cultural people, young people, researchers to the unique charm of stone carving art.

  In addition, the big foot will also promote the optimization and upgrading of the industrial chain supply chain this year, expand domestic demand and pull consumption, promote urban and rural integration development, promote infrastructure construction, strengthen comprehensive rectification of the Xixi River Basin, to create the most professional business environment .

  "14th Five-Year Plan" realizes four "small targets" "14th Five-Year Plan", what is the development of blueprints? "In the next five years, it is the best gold period of high-footed flying, and is a five-year in the district cadres.

"In the meeting, by 2025, the big foot should strive to achieve four" small goals. "

  Decisive progress in the construction of internationally renowned tourism land.

Basic build a large-scale stone carving cultural park, and the Dazu Stone Carving Research Institute became the World Wide Research Institute, Longshui Lake Resort, built a national tourist resort.

The total tourism revenue in the district will reach 30 billion yuan, and the tourist person has reached about 50 million.

  A significant breakthrough in the construction of new highland in the characteristic industry. The total number of industrial outputs above the scale reached 150 billion yuan, and the total industrial output value reached 200 billion yuan.

Five more than 30 million industrial clusters and Shengtai Optoelectronics, Foot Air Steel, Taiwan Bell Motorcycle, Waijing Optoelectronics, Socoki, Taiwan Bell Motorcycle, WaiWa, Football Steel, Taiwan Bell Motorcycle, and WaiWeen’s Enterprise . Significant progress in the construction of high quality life. Accelerate the construction of large-scale Yangwen Brigade Integration Development Demonstration Zone and the large-scale copper-rural integration development demonstration area, striving to reach 700,000 urban population, urban construction area reached 70 square kilometers, built a cultural park city with a unique gravel carvings.

  The business environment is preferred to build a long progress.

The market entities, the people’s people have a quick and satisfaction, and the business environment has reached the national leading level.