Accelerate the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading and improvement, Ren Zhufeng is investigating in Shangrao

  From December 7th to 8th, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Governor Ren Zhufeng went to Yuyuan County, Shangrao City, survived the development of industrial industries. In the survey, Ren Zhufeng detailed understanding of the production and operation of enterprises, product sales, technological innovation, and the introduction of talents, and exchanged with business management personnel. Ren Zhufeng expressed its affirmation of the good momentum of enterprise development, encouraged enterprises to implement the party’s 19th China Plenary Session and General Secretary of Xi Jinping inspected the important speech of Jiangxi, in accordance with the provincial party discharge requirements, unswerving Promote high-quality leaping development, tightly twist innovation this cattle nose, speed up the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading, and improve results.

  Ren Zhufeng pointed out that in recent years, the development of the Shangrao industrial economy quickly, through the form of business investment, industrial chain investment, etc., introduced a number of large projects, good projects, adding strong power to industrial development.

Especially since this year, Shangrao accelerates the development of "big industry", and the main economic indicators of industrial industries have ranked "first-party array" in the province.

  Ren Zhu Feng emphasizes that it is necessary to attach great importance to the project strike, project promotion, service project development work, and vigorously introduce industrial leading projects, combine local actual and industrial structure, and cultivate the formation of industrial clusters, and increasing industrial development.

To drive companies to continue to increase research and development, actively adjust product structure, improve independent innovation capabilities, and improve their rights in the industry, enhance brand influence and core competitiveness through transformation and upgrading and improvement efficiency. To provide a full chain guarantee, all-round service, further increase the introduction and cultivation of high-tech talents, and strive for the company to solve problems and create a good business environment. (Reporter Liu Jiahui) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Rona) Sharing more people see.