A raging fire cut through the sky,With domineering and awe-inspiring momentum,Smashed heavily on the body of the Scarlet Moon Demon。

boom!The red devil is like a big ball of deflation,Split instantly,Burst out a lot of bright equipment。
This moment,All the players in the demon lair are crazy。
They desperately rushed to the coordinate point where the old demon burst equipment。
The two Taoist priests in the corner are also crazy,It’s a pity that all the people blocking in front of them are monsters,Can’t get out for a while。
Lu Menglin has quick eyes and quick hands,I immediately stood on one of the most special colored equipment。
With the vision of his ashes legendary players,Naturally able to discover the most valuable equipment faster than others。
have to say,The luck on this trip is too good。
This fierce and tenacious Scarlet Demon not only broke two pieces of Tianzun equipment,Also broke a legendary artifact,Body ring。
And this ring,Already at the feet of Tyrant God Aotian。
Wait until Bashen Aotian stands up,All talents found,Actually came out a protective ring,That’s a magic weapon,With this ring,The mage profession will become an extremely scary,And make other enemies desperate。
The role of the protection ring is to convert the blue value of the character hero into the blood volume,In other words,The original fragile wizard,After having the body ring,Become blood thicker than a soldier
Coupled with the existence of the super defensive skill of the magic shield,A mage with a body ring,It’s like getting immortal。
And at the moment,This magician artifact was actually trampled by a warrior。
The adrenaline of all players in the room has risen significantly,Especially when I found that the body ring did not disappear,While still at the feet of Tyrant God Aotian,Everyone is crazier。
Lu Menglin shook his head and sighed,Unexpectedly,This Scarlet Moon Demon is not his own experience,Because the Taoist priest’s green poison looting is too advantageous。
The green poison on the Scarlet Moon Demon has not disappeared,The effect always exists,So even though he died under the sword of the Tyrant God Aotian,But the experience value still counts those two Taoist priests。
So the explosion equipment still has protection time,Cannot be picked up by players other than the opposing team。
The situation at the moment is very delicate,The two Taoist priests who grabbed experience points are still in the corner,Surrounded by monsters。