Kanhachiro hesitated,Reached out and patted Yueyingzi’s shoulder,Shen Sheng:“it is good,You have to be careful。”

“I know,I will bring victory to the president。”Talk about it,He Yueyingzi stroked the skirt,Strode onto the duel stage,Came in front of He Bu。
Maybe it’s because the kendo girl’s temperament is too outstanding,Even Su Xuehen, who is obviously not interested in fighting,I can’t help but look more。
“She looks amazing!Your little apprentice won’t lose, right?”Su Xuehen asked with a smile。
Lu Menglin put his arms around Captain Su’s fragrant shoulders,Shook his head unhurriedly and smiled:“impossible!They are still far away!How could the apprentice I brought out lose?”
Kim So Yeon blinked her eyes,Chuckle:“forget it!Stop bragging,Why did I hear that this kid is teaching?You brought these kids to a competition,What is the idea??”
“secret!This is a secret,Unspeakable secret!”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
“Can’t you tell us?”Su Xuehen asked curiously。
“It’s not impossible to say,Do you really want to know?”
“Forget it,Too lazy to know so many secrets,Worn out。”Kim So Yeon smiled。
“Ok ,I don’t want to know,It’s none of our business。Hold it yourself!”Su Xuehen also followed with a chuckle。
“Hey,You two, Don’t be too much!Watch me.”Someone’s voice,Was grabbed by two plain hands at the same time,It made him scream。
Lu Menglin and the two female companions laughed like no one else,It just doesn’t care much about the result of the competition,This scene made Cao Wen’s eyes,Itchy hate,But helpless。
Duel stage,He Bu looked carefully at the members of the Dongda Kendo Club standing in front of him,He Yueyingzi。
“You can’t beat me,Let’s change someone!”He Bu looked sincere,Very honestly。
He Yueyingzi raised her eyebrows slightly,Said with a smile:“You don’t need to waste your tongue,My will is the same as Kendo,Are absolutely impossible to shake。Bright knife!Let me see your sword skills。”
Talk about it,Wazuki Yingzi put on a sword-drawing posture in kendo,Eyes like falcons,Keep an eye on the opponent,To capture every detail of his movements in place。
The profound meaning of Oriental sword drawing is,Body moves before consciousness,It’s an instinctive reflection,According to the opponent’s attack,Come first,The magical skill of hitting the opponent’s weakness with a single draw。
And Yueyingzi,It is a young generation of new swordsman who has brought the sword to the extreme。