Yao Baotou and Uncle Jihu looked at each other,The former nodded,Tao:“Mr. Lu,The company’s business has a problem。

Or the legend of the blue moon,They have recently seized Internet cafe channels very well,Hired a large number of salesmen,Use a lower wholesale price and higher commission points than ours,Attract those Internet cafes to change their games。
Those Internet cafe channels before us,Now a third of them have defected,Change their game。”
I heard Yao’s report,Lu Menglin’s heart slightly stunned,I thought it was Chen Tianjiao,Still the man who once stood at the top of the game industry,Sure enough,Decisive enough。
“This way, we can seize the market by keeping prices down,Will reduce profit margins?”Lu Menglin asked unhurriedly。
Yao bald head nodded,Shen Sheng:“Yes!But they are like crazy dogs,Don’t care about it at all,Grab the market even if you don’t make money,Very fierce。
And most importantly,There is no movement at all on our side!I asked General Manager Jin
,She said she can defeat her opponent without relying on vicious competition。Isn’t this a joke?Wait for all channels to fall,It’s too late if we think about it!”
“Oh?What Kim So Yeon said?”Lu Menglin said lightly。
Yao Guang’s head figure is hard to find an outlet to express his bitterness,Nodded desperately:“Yes!I think the group has no plans to fight a tough battle in the channel market.,I’m worried!The situation we finally managed,This is a blink of an eye!
Mr. Lu,Give me the bottom line,Are we out of money??If the company can’t burn the money,I have a bald head, smashing the pot and selling iron, and I have to fight against Sheng Dadong!”
Hearing Yao’s bald head, Mo Ming was indignant,Uncle Jihu also nodded in agreement:“If the group has insufficient funds,Our marketing department’s expenses can be reduced!Lao Yao is right,Now the most important thing is to kill the Legend of Blue Moon,Do not grab the Internet cafe channel,Company business is dangerous。”
Lu Menglin listened to the two reports,Pondered for a moment,Nodded:“There should be no shortage of money。How important is the Internet cafe channel to the legendary game,I also understood。but,I think Kim Soyeon has more management experience than me,She should be able to solve it。
Lao Yao,Don’t we still have Deep Blue Games’ own Internet cafe channel??Even if Lanyue burns money as a subsidy,Our own Internet cafe will never run away with others, right??”
Yao Bald head nodded quickly:“Sure not。Only market share will be compressed,How many Internet cafes we have in Deep Blue Games?Once the game player thinks it’s more fun,This is a relationship of one-off,Not careless!”
“What do you mean?We also burn money to subsidize Internet cafes?Fight with them?”Lu Menglin asked。
“Yes!It must be a fight,Market channels can’t give up!Besides, we have our own channels,Natural advantages are more obvious than them。Big deal, continue to increase subsidies。”Yao bald head solemnly said。
“Menglin,I think you can talk to General Manager Jin。Not just a matter of channel subsidies,And our game version,Also let the development team speed up some updates,Now the opponent’s version has a big advantage,Many players are lost。This isVViews,He asked me to remind you。”Uncle Ji Hu said sincerely。