Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipe Siwu Decoction

Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipe “Siwu Decoction”

Traditional Chinese medicine recipe “Siwu Decoction” treats beauty and has anti-aging effects. Siwu Decoction is a good gynecological medicine and the first secret recipe for women to nourish and promote blood circulation.
Siwu Decoction consists of four herbs, Angelica, Chuanxiong, Shudi, and Baiji. It is specially used to treat gynecological blood syndrome.
  Among these four medicines, angelica is an essential medicine for invigorating blood; Chuanxiong can cure blood and expel wind, and the vitamin E rich in it can regulate the endocrine system; Shudi, the “Compendium of Materia Medica” records its function as “filling bone marrow, growing muscle,Essence of blood, nourishing the five internal organs, sharp eyes, dark hair, and blood circulation “can enhance the effect of angelica blood and blood circulation; Bai Zhi, according to the” Compendium of Materia Medica “records the benefits of spleen, these four things soup, has a strong Qi and bloodThe effect can be used to treat gynecological diseases such as dizziness, irregular menstruation or amenorrhea. It can also make the skin rosy and shiny, and delay aging.
  It is best for women to develop the habit of taking “Siwu Tang” from a young age. After each menstrual period, taking six consecutive days can not only reduce symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, menstrual bleeding, abdominal distension, etc., but also the physiological functions and skin in old ageIt is less prone to aging, keeps the whole body naturally unobstructed, and reduces the incidence of diseases.
Of course, you can also stew “Siwu Tang” with chicken, pork belly or eel outside the menstrual period, which is very good for women’s health.
  In addition, men who have symptoms such as low hemoglobin, pale face, fatigue, whitening of nails or palms, and white blood can also take “Siwu Tang” once a day until the symptoms are relieved because “Siwu Tang” is not a womanSpecial medicine, which does not contain estrogen.