Who will save a woman’s heart out of the wall

Who will save a woman’s heart out of the wall

Hongxing doesn’t just make her feel bad. Editor’s note: Some people say that the increasingly independent wife in marriage makes husbands more and more feel that they are in a dangerous situation of “green hat flying”.

  However, are women’s derailment necessarily caused by economic independence?

In this era where truth is getting thinner and men are becoming more and more derailed, women ‘s emotions may break down, external temptations, inner turmoil, flat family life, husbands ‘diminishing concerns, and so on.

  Survey 1.

What do you think of a woman who is out of the wall: a kind.

Understandable, but not 43.

57% B.

Like men, derailment is inevitable26.

05% C.

Dirty flesh and mind, despise 18.

37% D.

Lonely, uncomfortable with love12.

01% 2.

Under what circumstances are you likely to come out of the wall?


Stressful, life is monotonous33.

44% B.

He didn’t love me when 30.

51% C.

27. Love is not in harmony.

96% D.

I can’t meet him for 8 years.

09% 3.

If you fall in love with your lover, will you?

Be ambiguous and conceal the truth34.

02% B.

Passion is temporary, or it will turn back29.

48% C.

Not too indulgent, try to converge 24.

65% D.

Divorced her husband in pursuit of true love11.

84% of “Red Apricot Woman” sketch sketch 1: I was so lonely that I noticed that the person holding you is good, but often ignores your existence.

Although the man in his eyes is average, he gives you a warm and sensible temperature.

You can’t refuse, cut him into your arms.

  Yang Caiyan, 29, a bank clerk. My boyfriend is an outstanding computer programmer. His talent made me very admired.

However, the good times didn’t last long. I found that he was too engaged in work and often ignored me. He was late or missed each appointment. He said that he was developing an office software that required continuous work without interruption.

But I couldn’t help being lonely and felt very lost.  I started talking to a former boyfriend.

He was flattered and cared for me, and sometimes prepared a sumptuous dinner for me.

In the future, as long as my boyfriend said that he was busy with work, I would ask this friend to chat and watch movies and go to the ballroom.

We recall the good old days, and looking at the happy beauty in front of us, we all feel a sense of fate.

After watching a romance movie together at his house one night, we finally spent a passionate night.

I never wanted to see that computer programmer again.

  Sketch II: Blocked Love Someone suffocated her husband’s almost “blocked” love to me finally derailed, and responded to the phrase “more degenerate and happier .” Zhong Huizi, 35, a shopping mall managerWe have been married for 7 years.

Every time I greeted a man I knew on the street, my husband was unhappy. When I returned home, I immediately asked what the man was doing and how he knew him. It was like being in a trial. I was very bored.

He often looked at the phone numbers stored in my mobile phone. If the strange numbers were inquired, he asked my eyes and looked at me to see if I was lying.

If there is a text message, he always looks at it.

When I was chatting online, he “accompanyed me”.

My unit’s male colleague came to my house occasionally, and his boss was unhappy. The colleague had to say goodbye with interest.

Then he even followed me.

Angrily, I simply made a fake and came true. Last year, a colleague and I took advantage of the May Day holiday to elope to Huangshan for travel.

  Sketch 3: You are derailed, and my deceitful husband ‘s betrayal makes you resentful, and your heart always revolves around the phrase “Can only the state officials set fire to the people?”

“With this weird psychological effect, you start purposefully looking for a goal.

  Liu Guiling, a 35-year-old university teacher, I had a one-night stand with other men, but that was forced by my husband. The fault was not with me. He betrayed me first.

He often said that the unit worked overtime, did not even go home at night, or came back after 11 o’clock in the evening, and went to sleep in the bed without washing his feet.

I often smell the fat powder on him, and sometimes there are one or two long hairs sticking.

And I am like a babysitter in the family, and after returning from work, I have to take care of the two children and his old lady who is paralyzed in bed.

  One day, I saw him walking side by side with a woman on the street, talking and laughing all the way, I almost fainted.

I decided to take revenge and catch up with a mature man in the same city on the Internet. We only went to bed once.

But then, I met a single man. One or two people went to each other. We gradually had a relationship. I gave him something delicious from time to time.

I now understand that it is the psychological trouble of revenge on her husband.

  Experts who come to save the heart of women have a social, family, and personal reasons.

  From a social point of view, women’s access to men is now increasing, which increases the possibility that women will come out of the wall.

  From the perspective of women themselves, the emergence of female red apricots is closely related to women’s pursuit of expected emotional life. When their emotional needs are not met in marriage, they will seek emotional compensation and renewal outside of marriage.

  The discord of marriage and family life is the most preliminary of a woman’s coming out of the wall.

Many men do n’t pay much attention to the innovation of love after entering the marriage life. After marriage, their emotional life is boring. It ‘s like a bowl of boiling water without passion. They feel that everything is OK when they get married, and they even think of their wife as one who does n’t have to pay.Babysitter looks.

Too much, he looked for flowers outside and asked Liu, hugging each other and ignoring his wife at home.

At this time, women who were craving for romance were always disappointed, and they would actively seek compensation outside of marriage.

  But Hongxing’s coming out of the wall does not mean that she can find true love, it is more about drinking and quenching thirst, and accompanied by more sadness and loss, so we also remind those who have gone out or are going out, or are ready to go out.”Red apricots” must think twice.

  Reporter Story Marriage is not an empty box. Some people say: “Marriage is an empty box. You have to put things in it to get back what you want; the more you put, the more you get.

“Around us, when many people get married, they have a lot of expectations for marriage, and expect to get a lot of things from them, such as love, happiness, happiness, health, and so on.

However, at the beginning of the marriage was an empty box. The two people holding the empty box must have a mental preparation: give, love, care for each other, and appreciate each other.

Over time, this empty box will become fuller.

Only by being loyal to marriage can the two go hand in hand through the ups and downs of life and be happy for every journey.

  Link Marriage Happiness Declaration Want to make your marriage happy?

The letter gives you some sweet tips.

  1.To make this happen continuously requires creativity, supplementation and redoubled efforts from both parties.

Don’t stick to the rules and be dragged down by everyday trivialities!

Going out and doing something together is better than staying at home all day.


Rebuilding the sense of intimacy re-awakens the intimacy of the two people. The key is to acknowledge the differences of each person, and it is not a big deal to disagree with each other.

Give each other the opportunity to express opinions and experience emotions.

Body language is also important in intimacy, so don’t ignore it.


Encourage each other to find contentment Encourage each other to find their own highlights and get satisfaction from them.

If both parties in the marriage can get each other’s encouragement and blessing and be free to do what they want to do, there is no need to go outside or be satisfied by a third party.


Endurance is only rewarding. If things do n’t go as smoothly as you think, you should first ask yourself if you can do something to accomplish this mission. Ask yourself how much you have given each other. Marriage really needs constant attention and care.


Resolving conflicts requires skillful learning that conflict resolution is a necessary skill for a successful marriage.

If the conflict cannot be resolved immediately, at least a plan must be set up to deal with it later.

Each conflict resolution will make you handle the disharmony of the two more handily, and bring you a sense of accomplishment and joy of success.


When one party is in a bad mood, the other party doesn’t have to think of ways to adjust or follow up. When his or her mood improves, he will say it.