TCM tongues identify potential diseases

TCM tongues identify potential diseases

“Tongue diagnosis” is an important moment in the “visit” of traditional Chinese medicine.

Mastering some basic skills of “looking at the tongue” can help you detect physical diseases early.

  The basics of the tongue, the rookie level A.

The method of extending the tongue is also learned. It must be performed under sufficient light. The tongue should be natural, the tongue is relaxed, the tongue is flat, the tip of the tongue is slightly downward, and the mouth is as wide as possible (but not excessively) to make the tongue body.Fully exposed.

Don’t scratch the tongue coating easily, it’s so easy to see the real tongue coating.


Look at the tongue and look at the tongue in an order. Generally, you look at the tip of the tongue, then the tongue, the side of the tongue, and finally the root of the tongue. At the same time, look at the color of the tongue (tongue) and the thickness and color of the tongue coating.


Normal tongue image style Normal tongue image can be summarized as six words: “light red tongue and thin white fur”, which means that the tongue is light red and bright, the tongue is moist, the tongue body is moderate in size, soft and flexible, the tongue fur is uniform, thin and white.Run.


What is tongue coating? Tongue coating: Tongue coating refers to a layer of thin scale covering the tongue. The formation of the tongue coating is normally caused by the stomach gas. Therefore, the tongue coating of healthy people is thin and white.

  The quality of the tongue includes the size, shape, color, thickness, hardness and surface cracks of the tongue.

  The prawn class can find some small problems and adjust the minor problems. The tongue is red and yellow. If you also find that your complexion is red, dry throat like cold drinks, ulcers in your mouth, and irritability in your heart, then your symptoms are in Chinese medicine.”Yin Deficiency Fire Prosperity” manifested in high spirits.

Care should be taken to keep the indoor air moist and avoid spicy and fatty foods.

Usually available Ophiopogon, Nanhua, Fat Haidai tea, honeysuckle can be added to those with severe sore throat.

You can also use the front or ear tip bloodletting method to clear fire.

Or rub your palms and feet.

If you still have breath, you should eat more easily digestible foods, such as vegetables and fruits, and eat less fatty and fried foods. It is best not to drink or smoke.

  The tongue is pale and the moss is white. If you have such a condition and you are afraid of cold, your body hurts, you do n’t have sweat, stuffy nose, runny nose, itchy sore throat, and white cough with sputum.Exogenous wind and cold, pores closed, as long as sweating cold.

  Tongue cracks If there is no tongue coating on your tongue and there are many “cracks” on your tongue.

If there is no discomfort, then it is physiological and does not require treatment. For example, after a severe illness, a cracked tongue appears, the tongue is red without moss, and there is discomfort, which is yin deficiency, which needs to be treated with drugs.

  Tongue moss flowers You find that there are thin moss on some tongues, and smooth and moss-free on some places. There is an irregular “map pattern”. This is called “map tongue”, but don’t be nervous. If you don’t feel any discomfort, you don’t needTreatment is just a physiological phenomenon.

If you have a stomach problem or other chronic diseases for a long time, you have never seen such a situation before. The appearance of “map tongue” is mostly a manifestation of yin deficiency. While treating the primary disease, you can drink American ginseng tea (9 grams per day, boiling water, frequentDrink) to promote self-healing.

  If you have tooth marks on the tongue, you find that the tongue is fat, the tongue is thin and white, and the tongue has tooth marks. This may be due to the lack of spleen and stomach transport functions, and the digestion and absorption of food are prone to obstacles.

Eat less greasy and non-digestible food, eat more vegetables, fruits, and light foods, and exercise appropriately.

If you are about to appear pale, afraid of cold, cold limbs, lack of energy, sore waist, soft legs, thin stools, frequent, lower limb swelling and other symptoms, it may be spleen and kidney yang deficiency.

First of all, keep warm. Chicken soup, bone soup, yam, wolfberry, and yellow flower are better.

  Black tongue coating, sticky black tongue coating, isn’t it serious?

If the tongue is black but the tip of the tongue is normally pale red, and there is no other obvious good, it may be a “staining” phenomenon.

You may be eating colored foods or taking certain medications; taking antibiotics may sometimes cause black moss.

The above situation is not ill and need not be tense.

However, patients with severe stomach problems usually need to be vigilant when observing the black fur. If the tip of the tongue is dark red, or even blue and purple, it means that the condition has worsened and they must go to the hospital for treatment.

  Looking at the tongue of the family If the tongue is thick and white, it is often a sign of dietary indigestion or indigestion.

At this time, children can take traditional Chinese medicine such as Xiaoer Huashi Pill, Xiaoer Qipi Pill, Huoxiang Zhengqi Pill, etc. for appetizing.

  Middle-aged and elderly people, especially obese parents, have numbness at the base of their tongues, and wooden fingers in their index and middle fingers. This is usually a precursor to stroke and is caused by brain damage.

In this case, the elderly should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.

  Patients with high blood pressure or hemorrhoids often have yellow and dry tongue coatings with constipation.

At this time, you should take some laxatives, such as Ma Ren Runchang Pills, and you can also use senna leaves to soak tea to keep the stool open.
  In the late stage of a cold and fever, there are less tongue coating and dark red tongue. This is caused by heat and yin injury. At this time, you can take some traditional Chinese medicine for nourishing yin and clearing heat.

  Menopausal women, if there are more congestion spots on both sides of the tongue, accompanied by emotional irritability, this is caused by disorders of endocrine metabolism and metabolism and pigmentation.
At this time, you can take some traditional Chinese medicines for Shuganliqi, such as Shugan Pills, Xiaoyao Pills, etc., which can quickly obtain the effect.

  Tongue-looking: Tongue extension is to relax the tongue of a normal person. The tongue is soft and flexible, the color is reddish and full of vitality. The surface of the tongue is also covered with a thin layer of tongue coating, which is white, moderately dry and wet., The length does not exceed 1/2 of the bottom of the tongue.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the tongue is divided into the tip of the tongue, the middle of the tongue, the base of the tongue, and the side of the tongue.

Chinese medicine believes that the tip of the tongue belongs to the heart and lungs, the tongue belongs to the spleen and stomach, the root of the tongue belongs to the kidney, and the tip of the tongue belongs to the liver and gallbladder.

Observation of the tongue should be carried out from the aspects of tongue quality, tongue coating, tongue buds, and blood vessel meridians at the base of the tongue.

Among them, the quality of the tongue includes the size, shape, color, thickness, hardness, and surface cracks of the tongue; the coating of the tongue includes color, moisturization, thickness, and whether there are moss;Observation; tongue buds mainly depend on size and color.

  When observing the state of the tongue, be sure to calm down, and it is best to choose it under excess natural light.

First of all, we must face the light, so that the light can shine directly into the mouth, so as not to affect the recognition of the quality of the tongue and the color of the tongue coating.

Dean Yang also reminded the public to pay attention when annotating the tongue. It should be slowly reduced. It should not be too fast or too nervous. Sometimes it should be placed on the lips and relaxed as much as possible.

Note that the tongue deformity is actually an observation of the tongue state.

  A common one: “Qi Deficiency and Wet Toxin” According to experts, Qi deficiency and dampness is a common physical problem in Guangdong.

  A series of pathological changes in the human body due to insufficient vital energy, called Qi deficiency, are related to the fierce social competition, excessive pressure and unhealthy lifestyles experienced by modern people.

In addition, due to the high temperature and high humidity in Guangdong, especially in summer, the weather is relatively hot, and excessive heat in the body is very prone to produce humid poison.

  Tongue image performance: Tongue swollen, weak, and there are tooth marks from the tongue. The tongue of the whole tongue is pale and lacks ruddy, the tongue is greasy and white, and the tongue becomes yellowish.

  Conditioning method: One or five-finger Maotao chicken.

The taste is delicious, the smell is fragrant, and the nutrition is rich, which has a good health effect.

  Second, coix seed powder soaks milk.

Ren Ke can prevent cancer and moisturize the skin.

  Third, yam barley tea.

Huai yam and Coix seed boil water for three drinks each.

This can restore and replenish the vitality, refresh, and improve the complexion.

  Common two: “Yin deficiency” Yin deficiency refers to the lack of Yin fluid such as the body’s essence, blood, and body fluid.

Because both blood and body fluid are yin, it is called “yin deficiency”, and it is more common in patients with internal fluid caused by chronic strain or fever.

  Because the yin deficiency cannot make a fire, the fiery flame burns the yin fluid and becomes more virtual, and the two often affect each other.

  Tongue image performance: The tongue is reddish, the tongue is tender, the fluid on the tongue is smooth, and there is no tongue fur or less fur, which looks dry.

There is no doubt that when you see this kind of tongue, it shows that the body has signs of Yin fluid dying out, and the body fluid is seriously consumed.

Tongue light and color red pimple for hot Shengyin, light tongue and light color for qi and yin injury.

  Conditioning method: First, Lily Maidong Soup.

Lily moisturizes the lungs and lowers qi, Ophiopogon nourishes yin and nourishes the stomach, and two medicines nourish dryness and conquer fire.

  Second, the soft-shelled turtle Dendrobium soup.

Dendrobium and soft-shelled turtle are both tonic for deficiency of yin.

  Common three: “Qi stagnation, blood stasis, liver and fire, prosperous” people with congestion, blood flow in the body is relatively slow, and in some cases may even completely stagnate blood flow, more common in older people.

  In young women, this constitution is also very common, most of them have irregular menstruation, dark menstruation, often with blood clots, dysmenorrhea and other signs of congestion and depression.

Otherwise, depression can also lead to blood stasis.

  Tongue manifestation: the tongue is thinner, the tongue is red, the tongue is yellow, the tongue buds are thick, and the tongue is dry.

If it develops into a fiery liver, the tongue will become dark, and purple or black stains or spots will appear on the tongue. Usually, the blood vessels at the base of the tongue become thicker and more tortuous.

  Conditioning method: First, drink more flower tea, such as rose tea, mint tea, jasmine tea, etc.

You can regulate menstruation to promote blood circulation and nourish blood.
  Second, strengthen exercise to promote blood circulation, reduce stress and relax.

  Common Defect Four: “Blood Deficiency” The constitution of blood deficiency is the physical state of human blood deficiency.
Blood flows through the veins, from the internal organs to the internal organs, to the skin, muscles, and bones, and continuously plays a full nutritional and moisturizing role in all internal organs of the internal organs to maintain normal physiological activities.

If the blood is deficient, the nutrition and moisturizing effect of the blood will be weakened, resulting in lack of energy, burnout, and severely dull complexion.

  Due to women’s menstrual blood loss, blood deficiency constitutions mostly appear in women.

  Tongue performance: The biggest feature is that the tongue is pale.

  Conditioning method: First, Angelica ginger mutton soup has the function of driving cold and keeping warm, and eliminating fatigue.

  Second, eat more red dates, you can blood, ruddy complexion.