Yao Ming has become a brand to expose the value of its property1.400000000

“Yao Ming” has become a brand to expose the value of its property1.400000000
“In the 2002 NBA Draft, the Houston Rockets chose Yao Ming.”On June 26, 2002, when NBA President David Stern announced the new season’s NBA draft pick in New York City, the first name he read was Yao Ming, a big man from China who created Chinese sportsA miracle in history.  At the beginning of 2013, 32-year-old Yao Ming became a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and participated in the “two sessions” for the first time. His first part was gradually “reform the management system and open talent selection to promote the sustainable development of Chinese basketball.” “Dayao” is still playing a role in the Chinese basketball career.After the heat, on the economic stage, Yao Ming after retirement is still creating his own glory.”Yao Ming” has become a giant with a height of 229cm, but Yao Ming stands on the basis of exquisite technology that can be called a master level, and his opponents are convinced with his unique “Shanghai Dance” and chic style.In the financial market, Yao Ming still plays the role of a master.He invested in many fund companies, a basketball club and a fitness club, many star hotels in the country, Yao restaurant behind Yao Ming, and his investment reach even reached the United States.  In the capital market, the stocks invested by Yao Ming also brought a very generous return.Statistics show that Yao Ming’s wealth has exceeded 3 billion yuan.During his nine-year career in the NBA, Yao Ming has generated nearly 2 billion revenue through his efforts.After retiring, from 2011 to 2013, Yao Ming continued to receive invitations for commercial endorsements.It is reported that the cost of Yao Ming’s endorsement for Unicom is as high as 30 million yuan per year; the cost of endorsement for Reebok for 10 years is 76 million US dollars, 7.6 million US dollars per year; for McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and other endorsements, the endorsement fee reaches 25 million US dollars (about RMB)1.7.8 billion).  According to the above standards, Yao Ming is the endorsement of China Life, Apple Computer, Gatorade, GARMIN satellite positioning system, TAG Heuer watch, MIG mobile phone SMS and other brands. It is conservatively estimated that if the endorsement fee is calculated at 40 million yuan (internal advertising), the averagePrice), from 2011 to 2013, endorsement of ten brands will bring in 1.2 billion in revenue.  The secret of Yao Ming’s success is that the name “Yao Ming” alone can become a brand.Among the projects invested by Yao Ming, Shanghai Men’s Basketball, Yao Restaurant, Yao Fund and Hezhong Sizhuang are among them.Many people think that these projects are Yao Ming’s own pocket.In fact, many of the above-mentioned funds were obtained from the use of the word “Yao Ming”.For example, the Yao restaurant in the United States was mainly founded by Yao Ming’s parents and old teammates Wang Daxiong and Kong Qingling. They jointly opened four Chinese houses in Houston.At that time, the registered capital of Yao Restaurant increased from 1.5 million US dollars to 2 million US dollars.  Few people know that Yao Ming also has a fitness club, and its funding source is not Yao Ming himself.In 2007, the US 24-hour fitness group entered China and invested US$5 million in Beijing World Trade Center to establish a fitness club called “California Fitness”.It is worth mentioning that the fitness club belonging to the 24-hour fitness group is named “Yao Ming Club”, which shows the influence of the Yao Ming brand. Previous page12Next pageShow full text