Qi Erzhuang is indifferent and unrestrained,But my face changed slightly。Still have this power?

“But so!”Qi Er had to bite the bullet and said this for the face of Qicheng。
I just laughed:“Why are your sleeves shaking?!”But the green pheasant broke Qi Er’s disguise。
Qi Er’s complexion changed,Swear words。But don’t want to take a closer look。The opposite one is unfathomable,It’s not something you can resist。
But think about how I still have support yet,I feel better,Sullenly。
“I don’t know the name of the senior,Qi Er,This is a private matter between our tool city and the sword city,Can you raise your hands high,Let us decide?”
Chapter nine hundred and twenty-nine Imaginary
Green Pheasant is silent,I just looked at Xia Chenglong,Xia Chenglong shook his head slightly,Tell the green pheasant not to shoot。
Xia Chenglong, the life and death enemy of Sword Forge City in front of him, is going to solve it himself as the Lord of Sword Forge City.。
I saw Xuantian Sword in Xia Chenglong’s hand shake,Send a clear sword sound,“Since outsiders can’t get in,Then I wish Jackie Chan came to learn and teach Elder Qi Er’s brilliant tricks!”
Qi Er as the elder of Qicheng,Naturally has extremely high attainments in refining。Now there is that sharp sword sound in my ears,Witness the obsession,Muttered to himself。
“Magic weapon,Peerless soldier!Such a treasure,It’s only seen in my life!”
Then there was a look on his face。
“Kid,Obediently hand over the sword in your hand,Old man, let me spare you,This kind of treasure falls into your hand, it’s really a hidden gem,Give it to the old man!”
Xia Chenglong is also angry,How can one or two have to grab their own sword,I don’t look at my own strength,Really wishful thinking。
“What a coincidence,An old man said the same thing just now,Something to him,I’ll tell you again,I want to get it myself!But guess where he is now?”