some,He is sincerely committed to his identity as the emperor,Not himself。

He wants to mobilize these more than 30 gods and gods in one breath,Also extremely difficult。
“It seems,Must ask for foreign aid!”
Even if the Emperor of Heaven is the nominal Lord of Heaven,The network is also very large。
“Fourth Realm Mental Power、Send at least nine clones,And Xiantian Lingbao!”
“The only good news,It’s that his realm on the Tao is not high,It’s just worth reaching the level of a real fairy。”
“Want to deal with him,I’m afraid I can only invite those super gods and gods,And one may not be enough。”
The emperor quickly thought,Consider the gods and gods who you can invite to help。
“Emperor Donghua,Although I have some friendship with him,But he may not be willing to mix into this kind of thing。”
“The Seven Sages of the Monster Race,The Great Sage of Yishan(Lion camel king)Harmony(Peng Demon King)I can definitely invite,But if you invite them both,There may be some dissatisfaction with the ancient royal family。”
“Canopy?Although he has completely taken refuge in Buddhism,But with his friendship。。。But it’s the treasure of Dongfu,If he becomes greedy,Introduce the Monkey King or Kungfu Buddha,I’m afraid the treasures won’t have our share—of course,If it is really impossible,Ask him to take action as long as he rescues Dongyu。”
“Qingfeng Zhenxian?He can,After all, it is the disciple of Dao Zu,Not too greedy。”
quickly,The emperor has decided who to invite,And brought in a few gods,Let them go separately,Go invite those gods and gods。
Simultaneously,Also mobilize his subordinates、Sanxian,Void-returning gods and demons who have already surrendered。
On the large number of gods、Sanxian、Great battle formation of gods and demons。
Remove human race、Yaozu、Gods and Demons and the Two Schools,The strongest is Heaven!
Even if it’s just the emperor of the gods,But there is also a trace of confidence to suppress the world!