Drinking the tea Lingju handed over,Jingpu looked at Lingju sitting obediently and said curiously:

“That Yun Qiyao,Don’t seem to like you,You had conflicts before?”
Lingju Yi startled,Then nodded slightly:
“I saw it before……She was so rude,Too noisy,and so,I took a lesson……”
Listen to Lingju’s words,Jingpu looked at Lingju in surprise and smiled:
“You still teach others,I didn’t see it before。”
Once Jingpu’s words are finished,Lingjing on the side raised his eyebrows and said immediately:
“My sister taught me harshly,I was beaten by my sister since I was a child,My sister is as good as a rabbit in front of Senior,In front of others,can……”
But Lingju’s words haven’t finished yet,Lingju suddenly looked ruddy and scolded Ling Jingjiao:
“Don’t talk nonsense in front of seniors!”
Ling Jing was scared by Lingju,Then look at Jingpo Road:
Jingpu smiled helplessly,anyway,My sister did not leave a lesson to my brother……
When everyone is chatting,Where is the table tennis table behind,A huge humiliation suddenly appeared。
This sound appeared extremely abrupt,Everyone in Jingpu immediately frowned and looked back。
at this time,The black-clothed old man looked shocked,Next second,The old man in black immediately turned his head and looked at Jingpu who was sitting in the pavilion slightly frowning。
Soon the old man in black quickly showed an apologetic expression,Then immediately shut up。
Jingpu and others don’t know what happened,Shook his head,Just turned his head,When ready to continue chatting。
suddenly,There is another huge shit,Sounded again!