Building a higher level of safe China

  General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when participating in the 13th National People’s Congress, the Qinghai delegation was emphasized, to strengthen and innovate social governance, improve public safety emergency response systems, and timely exclude all kinds of risk hidden dangers, ensure national security and people’s lives. The important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping triggered a warm reaction in the representative committee.

The representative member believes that in recent years, my country’s social governance mechanism has been continuously improved, and the national security construction has been continuously improved. Today’s Chinese people enjoy peace, peace, and stability. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, coordinating development and safety, "Ping An China" This country’s business card will will be more beautiful. Promoting the modernization of social security prevention and control system, in recent years, various departments have accurately grasp new changes in social security situation, combat illegal crimes, innovate social security prevention and control system construction, and build a higher level in the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. "In the past year, Hubei procuratorial organs have violated social contradictions and risks, strikes, radical arrears of migrant workers, network fraud, illegal fund-raising, etc..

"Wang Jin, the former Prosecutor General of Hubei Provincial People’s Procuratorate, recommended that the procuratorate further plays a good pronunciation of public welfare litigation functions, and aiming at the people’s related fields of environmental pollution, food and drug safety, etc., highlighting the problem," ‘Jiakou’ The police station, police room and often appearing in front of the ‘police blue’ are the biggest safety.

"The representative of Ma Huijuan, Yuchi Village, Hongsibao Town, Hongsibao District, Huizhong City, Ningxia Huizhong District, said that in recent years, Ningxia has moved social governance to the grassroots.

Nowadays, the new community police framework in Ningxia is basically completed, and the basic work of the public security grassroots is fully strengthened. Community police new model woven the community police network to achieve full coverage, bringing more security to the grassroots masses. "Urban-rural community is the basic unit of social governance. Building everyone is responsible, everyone is responsible, the social governance community enjoyed by everyone is conducive to the combination of special groups, group defense, strengthening the construction of social security prevention and control system, helping peace China Construction. "The foundation of Ping An China is in the grassroots level. We will give the villagers to the advanced typical demonstration effects by organizing the country, the ethnic and family training, and give full play to the advanced model effects of the villagers. Education guides the villagers to be good, filial piety is love, and obey the trustworthy. Diligently hold a home, cultivate civilized township, good home, simple people, and fight the basis of safe construction.

"Liu Zhiren, mayor of Zhangzhou City, Hunan Province, said that the Vice President of Shaanxi Provincial Senior People’s Court said, in recent years, Ping An China, the rule of law is in depth, and it has achieved significant progress.

Fair justice is of great significance for promoting social harmony.

When trial cases, we should adhere to the people-centered development ideas, protect the rights of citizens, property rights, etc.

  Feng Fan, a lawyer of Guohao Lawyers (Nanchang), said that the Civil Code has plays an important role in maintaining social stability.

This year is the first year of the civilian code, in order to do a good job in civil law, the Jiangxi Provincial Government has invited the legal advisory group to combine the responsibility of the department, according to the provisions of the Civil Code, ensure that in the framework of the law Provide better service for the masses. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period promoted peaceful China, it should pay more attention to the role of legal workers such as lawyers, and contribute to the construction of Ping An China.

  In the process of coordinating and safe development, building a higher level of peaceful China, we must strengthen rural safety production work, and make up the rural safety short board in a timely manner.

"Zhang Xingkai, the president of China Safety Production Science Research Institute, suggesting that the industry is involved in agricultural safety supervision resources, setting up the" National "rural safety officer, creating a qualified safety production management team; improve rural safety production responsibility system, integrated each The safety production supervision of the agricultural department shall clarify the safety production responsibility of each function department, and the work involved in farming safety production is included in the country’s revitalization strategy and peaceful China. "Guarantee national economic security, should strengthen economic security risk warning, prevention and control Mechanism and capacity building, achieving key areas such as important industries, infrastructure, strategic resources, major science and technology. "Deng Xiu New Representative, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, proposes to improve the relevant legal system, coordinate key areas of economic security, financial security.

Strengthen legal implementation, establish an implementation supervision mechanism, improve the implementation of supporting system, and comprehensively improve the level of labor and safety of national economic security.

  "As an important component of the Chinese system, data security has become the focus of attention from all walks of life.

"Yang Fan, deputy director of the Chongqing University Data Application Development Administration, suggests that the issuance of data security law and personal information protection law is accelerating, and the protection of personal information is further increased to the premise of the platform economy and online economy. Resolutely prevent the occurrence of a good environment for the continued health development of the digital economy due to the abuse of data abuse, malignancy and national interests, collective interests and national interests.

  Vice Chairman of the Central Committee, the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, the Gaozi Committee believes that the comprehensive improvement of public safety guarantees and needs to do a good job in public treatment. In the "Eighth Five-Year" national law, we must focus on promoting the rule of law, carry forward the spirit of the rule of law, to enhance the awareness of the rule of law, and guide the people’s initiatives.

  "In recent years, there have been food safety issues in the takeaway catering industry, causing social attention.

The supervision responsibility of the takeaway platform must be implemented to protect the safety of the consumer ‘.

"The Vice President of the Political Consultative Conference of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is recommended to revise the improvement of online catering service supervision and management methods, further clarify the relationships and legal responsibilities between the online catering service supervision, and require the takeaway platform to undertake Prevention responsibility for safe and healthy risks within its business.

  A representative of the president of Heilongjiang Provincial Lawyers Association said that the construction of Ping An China, the rule of law is China, "key minority" is the key, leading cadres should take the leader to protect the law-abiding usage, driving the whole society to advocate the rule of law, belief the rule of law. We should improve the rule of law government assessment system, quantify the effectiveness of the government’s government construction, and promote the standardization and standardization of government construction of the rule of law.

  Strengthening national security system and capacity building "The" Thirteen "period, the national security, the network security law, etc., etc., etc. .

"The representative of the vice president of the Jiangsu Lawyers Association said," This year is the year of the ‘Eighth Fiveth’ Pu La.

It is recommended that the ‘eight five’ law is an opportunity to improve the scientific, legalization, intelligent level of national security construction, strengthen national security system and capacity building, and make the masses’ sense of security.

"Regional Registrar of the Supplies Assurance Department of the Armed Police Command said:" National security is the foundation of peace.

National security science, including national defense science, is an important part of the science popular science, and is also an effective carrier for national security education.

The Armed Police Force should use its own advantages, deepen military collaboration, and actively participate in overall national security education, including national defense education.

Innovative institutional mechanisms, enhance publicity and education, and promote the strength of the whole society to maintain national security.

"" Cultural security is an important part of national security.

It is recommended to organically integrate red culture and revolutionary traditional education into school education, cadre education and mass education. Chen Jing, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, said that the national level of red resource protection should be accelerated, highlighting the focus, hierarchical classification, and forming long-term mechanisms.

  Li Yong, Assistant, General Manager of Haidian Branch of Beijing Security Service Corporation, said, "As the grassroots security worker, though our work is ordinary, trivial, but also related to the safety of the people, the social peace." Li Yong represents the suggestion, further put the construction Ping An China’s work focuses on combating illegal crimes, maintaining social stability, extends to various fields such as maintenance of national safety, and promotes comprehensive management. (Reporter Jin Yu, Gong Shijian, Pang Qiping, Wang Mingfeng, Yin Peng, Dong Siyu, Song Hao Xin, Meng Xiangfu, Li Long Yi, Chang Qin, Ni Wei, Qian Yibin, Yilimin, Zhang Yi opened).