Pay attention to hygiene: protect the health of the nose

Pay attention to hygiene: protect the health of the nose

If there is a nasal bone fracture after accidental injury, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid deformities in the future that will affect beauty and prevent ventilation.

  A trauma to the nasal bone fracture should be prevented from being hit or injured. If there is a nasal bone fracture after accidental injury, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid deformities that will affect the beauty and obstruct ventilation.

  Second nose vestibule 1.

Overcome the bad habit of plucking nose hair. If the nose hair is too long and it prevents beauty, you can use a small clean scissors to carefully shorten the nose hair.


Do not dig your nose with your fingers. This is the most effective preventive measure to reduce nasal vestibitis and epistaxis.


When nasal vestibular ridge occurs, do not squeeze or squeeze to prevent the infection from spreading and cause intracranial and extracranial complications.

In addition to anti-inflammatory drugs for systemic treatment, hot compresses can be applied locally in the early stages. Usually, purple syrup or anti-inflammatory ointment (such as erythromycin ointment) can be replaced locally.


Patients with frequent nasal vestibular dysentery should check for diabetes.

  Nasal and Sinus Care Points The nasal cavity is divided into left and right parts by the nasal septum, and the blood vessels are very abundant; there are air-containing bone impurities around the nasal cavity, including the upper and lower collar sinuses, ethmoid sinus, and frontal sinus.Paranasal sinuses.

  Health care point one: Use cold water to wash your face regardless of the season. It is recommended to wash your face with cold water every day. Use your index finger to massage back and forth a few times on the outside of the nose “Yingxiang” acupoint and the skin around the nasal cavity to improve intranasal blood circulation and improveThe ability to resist cold and cold, reduce colds, exercise appropriately, and strengthen physical fitness, is conducive to the early recovery of rhinitis and sinusitis.

  Second, the correct method of blowing your nose is to avoid snotting with strong force at the same time. It is recommended to use gentle technique, first correct and then the other side to prevent the nose from entering the eustachian tube and tympanum due to the reaction.Acute otitis media.

  Third, the management of nosebleeds 1.

In most cases, a little blood in the nose, for example, the amount of bleeding does not exceed the capacity of a rice bowl, there is no danger, so you do not need to be nervous, flustered, because of emotional tension can lead to increased blood pressure and increase bleeding.


According to statistics, more than half of the nosebleeds are located in the inferior area of the nasal septum. Therefore, when nosebleeds, try to squeeze the nose and wing to the septum for 5-10 minutes with the thumb and index finger, and use some pressure to achieve compression.The purpose of hemostasis is to temporarily stop or reduce bleeding.


Such as excessive bleeding, pale, weak pulse, decreased blood pressure and other shock phenomena, should be taken in a supine position, immediately ask a doctor for immediate treatment.


In the case of nosebleeds, it flows backwards into the breathing area. Do not swallow it to avoid irritating the stomach and causing vomiting. It will also increase the busyness of hemostasis.


There are many reasons for nosebleeds. To cause the cause, if you find the cause, you need to regularly review and follow up. Often, one side of the nose is bloody, and you need to think about whether it is a nasal cavity or sinus tumor. In addition, usually, common nasopharyngeal cancer is caused by inhalationSpitting is the most common early warning sign.


There are many adjuvant drugs to stop the blood, such as Li Hemostatic, Hemostatic, etc. for injection; there are too many Chinese medicines, and here is one formula: 30 grams of fresh radish root, decoction, one dose per day, even for 5 days.

  Fourth, when the adsorption mask works in a high dust concentration or chemically stimulating gas environment, place a mask to prevent harmful dust particles and gases from inhaling into the nose.

  Fifth, do not put foreign objects into the nose. Educate children not to put small beans, fruit kernels, paper balls, etc. into the nose.

If you find that the child has a nasal odor, bloody pus, or a foreign body in the nose, you need to go to the hospital as soon as possible. Ask your doctor to remove the foreign body.