Twenty minutes later,Rolls Royce,Bentley,Maybach,Ferrari,BMW,Benz,Jaguar waited for the luxury cars to stop in front of the old man Zhou’s house。

“Brother Yong,The piece of land you won last month,It’s easy to get hundreds of millions again。”
“Haha,Lao Ge,See what you said,Didn’t you make a lot of money a while ago?,And you made all your money abroad,I can’t compare with you。”
“Sister Fang,I heard that the female star named Qian Hui,Even children,Is it real,I plan to ask you to ask her out for dinner。”
“He is my client,I don’t know the question you asked,If you want to make an appointment,Don’t find me,I won’t do this pimping thing!”
These people met in front of the house,Are all similar to this kind of communication。
Soon,More than a dozen people gathered in the lobby of Mr. Zhou。
If someone pays a little attention to businessrCity people saw this scene,A look of consternation is inevitable。
These are allrThe city has the most heritage,richest,The most arrogant group of people,Every appearance can cause a sensation,Now they are all together。
The people Wu Gang and Song Litao saw,Although I was prepared,,But still shocking。
Don’t think there are only a dozen people,Compared with those dozens of companies that Song Litao and Sun Yongli invited to the hotel this morning,It’s just a little witch。
This power,It can be said that it can definitely sweeprCity,And it’s the gods who block and kill the gods,The kind of demon!
Song Litao sneered in his heart,Qin Feng,Aren’t you bull,I see how you block these people。
“Ha ha,Come very fast,It seems you haven’t forgotten me, this old man。”
Old man Zhou looked at the visitor,Don’t get up,Just nodded in satisfaction,Hehe said with a smile。
“Master Zhou,What do you say,As long as you say hello,We must be here in the first time,If anyone can’t come,I was the first to not agree!”
Talking is a middle-aged man with a flat head。
This person is called Wang Yong,YesrThe first real estate boss in the city,The identity is the same as Huang Meng who Qin Feng destroyed in Qingshui Village at that time。