“Shen Wuheng chased me before,I didn’t agree。They were warned by my brother before,Later he learned that my brother died in prison,Every time I see me in school, I sneer,He led people to block me the other day,Was stabbed by me!He is not the same as Chen Chuang,So many days have passed,He never reported to the teacher。of course,I also avoided him。”

Yuan Qing pushed Xiangchen to the place waiting for the taxi,But unfortunately,Waited a long time,But a taxi didn’t show up。
“The student Shen you stabbed,The injured should be the left handle?”
I thought I was going to send to Chen Chen in silence,Yuan Qing didn’t expect Xiang Chen to speak suddenly。
For a moment now,And then a little suspicious,How did Xiang Chen know?
“The classmate Shen who was stabbed by you,Just behind us,And start from the teaching building,Have been following us for more than ten minutes,It should be inconvenient to do it at school,So I chose here!”
Xiang Chen calmly explained to Yuan Qing,Follow Xiang Chen’s gaze,Yuan Qing also saw that Shen Wuheng, who was stabbed by herself before, was walking towards her with a group of people。
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Three Yuan Qing’s rescuer4
It’s like meeting my creditor,Xiang Chen can clearly feel,Yuan Qing’s breathing is a bit short behind her。
“You go!I’ll stop them!”
Yuan Qing subconsciously protected Xiang Chen behind her,Gave Xiang Chen a boost in the wheelchair,I hope Xiang Chen can take advantage of this opportunity to run farther。
Done all this,Yuan Qing didn’t run either,But looked at Shen Wuheng lightly。
“There are seven of them,Can you stop?”
Xiang Chen’s voice suddenly appeared beside Yuan Qing,Shocked her。
Frowning,I was thinking of making you go,What are you doing back?But soon,Yuan Qing discovered a new problem,I have never described Shen Wuheng’s appearance to Xiang Chen,I didn’t even mention that I stabbed his left hand.,How did Xiang Chen know Shen Wuheng??
“The big goal in front of the teaching building,It’s hard not to be discovered,And they are sneaky,I just paid a little attention!”
Seems to have guessed the doubt in Yuan Qing’s heart,Not waiting for her to ask,Xiang Chen began to answer。
“Seven people in total,How many can you deal with?”