“crazy for money!Pray for God to worship Buddha,So many people in the world,The gods come here busy!Use as much as you can earn if you don’t have the ability to make a fortune,Don’t be so desperate for face,I just want to make a fortune and show off everywhere……”

“I have no abilities?You can come to the big city from the countryside without the skills?See which one by your side has your destiny?Why are you?Not relying on me?Also say me……”
Repeated conversation many times,The routine has started a new cycle。
When Chen Wenjin was just married,,His wife saw this for the first time,Very nervous and panic,Chen Wenjin had to comfort his wife:‘Nothing,It’s gone in a while,Much smaller than the previous years,Don’t be nervous,This is how they communicate,If you don’t make a noise, you have nothing to say。’
This calmness is achieved through too many repetitions,and so,Chen Wenjin returned home calmly,Took pajamas,Take a bath,When coming out,Parents are still arguing,It looks like it’s about to fight。
but,Chen Wenjin only listens to their quarrel,A template that can automatically follow-up development,Just know,The current arguing routine belongs to the category that will not be upgraded,So I walked through the quarreling battlefield calmly,Back to the room。
He just lay down,Knocking on the wall,So he picked up the extension of the room,His sister’s voice came out saying:“What are they doing?No fight?”
“If I can fight, I stay outside and stop,Probably not。”
“brother,Where did you go tonight?Didn’t you say it’s good to come back for dinner??”Fell asleep and awakened,The curse outside hasn’t stopped yet,Obviously can’t sleep,At this time, Chen Qian would chat with her brother,Wait till it’s quiet,Keep sleeping。
After all,Chen Qian has also honed in this atmosphere for many years,I can calm down。
Chat for a while,Still arguing outside,Chen Qian is sleepy and annoying,Angrily said something:“I really want to make them dumb!”
“what——”Chen Wenjin couldn’t help laughing,This sentence,Chen Qian said that,But it should not be said on this day,He was nervous at that time,But pretending to be calm, persuade Chen Qian from the side,I’m afraid she will do anything extreme,I even worried about my sister’s future relationship with her parents。
But now,Chen Wenjin won’t get nervous just because of a word,Not to over-associate,Because he knows,The future of Chen Qian is her mother’s little padded jacket,Also good for father,Never done anything unfilial。
“brother!stop laughing!I really want to make them dumb!Noisy every day!Since it’s so painful,Why don’t you get a divorce?!What do you say all day is for us not to divorce,I really want to beg them to get a divorce soon,Don’t force us to be together!”Chen Qian is very angry,Grew up in this environment,It’s normal to be hostile。