Xu Da、Pan Song and the two watched Chen Hailin’s body slowly beginning to decompose,Qi Qi knelt on the ground,Can’t beat、Can’t escape,The only thing you can do is beg for mercy。

“You don’t kill us,We have a secret to tell you!”
Chen Xiu looked at the two of them,Asked with a sneer:“One secret or two secrets?”
“A secret two people said,You will do business!”
Chen Xiu sneered:“A useful secret can only live one person,If it’s nonsense,Both die!”
“I said!”
“I said!”
The two rushed to say:“The one who will ambush you this time,Xuanwu ancestor not only sent He Wei over,There is another team on the way,You go!”
“What a useful secret this is,Ten rubbish like He Wei is not enough for me to cut,Lao Tzu said useless nonsense, both of them will die!”
Seeing Chen Xiu’s soft sword shake,Pan Song quickly shouted:“This time the people are different,Xuanwu ancestor informed us,The identity of the other party is higher than them,Let all of us follow his command!”
“Higher than the fifth ancestor status?Could it be Ge Hong’s kiss!”
887 Shou four hundred
A roar in the distance,I saw a helicopter flying out of the clouds quickly。
Pan Song and Xu Da, who were originally expensive on the ground to beg for mercy, stood up from the ground,Waved at the helicopter,Shouted:“Chen Xiu is here!”
Xu Da arrogantly said to Chen Xiu:“The one sent to catch you is here,See how you die this time!”
Chen Xiu sneered:“I don’t know if i die,But I can tell you for sure,You are dead!”