The British version of slimming men and women couples lose weight 126 kg

The British version of “slimming men and women” couples lose weight 126 kg

Although the 2009 calendar was only turned to March, the winners of the annual “Mr. World Weight Loss” and “Miss World Weight Loss” titles have been released. They are from the 45-year-old Mark of Norfolk, England.
Fairhead and his wife, 40-year-old Katie?
A few days ago, they celebrated this title in Leeds, England.
And their way of celebrating is even more special: taking photos with their 1:1-sized cardboard people – cardboard is the photo before they lose weight.
They laughed that the two cardboard people were “the other two people in our marriage.”
  According to the Croatian Evening News reported on March 16, this change to the British version of “slimming men and women” is so great that when Katie went to attend his brother’s wedding not long ago, he was not recognized by the groom’s official.
According to the Fairheads, their fat body was the result of eating a lot of fast food and pizza without restraint, even the recipe for dinner, and never cooking for themselves.
Now, the two have a slim figure, and they say that the most important thing to thank is the healthy food they started to try.