Changchun City Green Park, Linyuan Street, increased the intensity of the city to create a good living environment

Original title: Linyuan Street to increase the intensity of the city to create a good human living environment to effectively improve the market environment, improve the fine management level of the jurisdiction, Changchun City Green Park Linyuan Street takes the "Destroy Green Seed Cuisine" special rectification action as an opportunity, Centralized Clean and remediation in the jurisdiction. Recently, Linyuan Sub-district Office, Linyuan Law Enforcement Squadron Stronial Combat Always green.

At the same time, it cleaned up the new bamboo road, the two sides of Qingzhou Road, the cabinet, the flame, and the illegal plaque, ensuring the finishing of the staples of the streets.

The rectification dispatched 25 law enforcement personnel and 30 workers were organized. Demolition of iron partition, 32 wooden fences, 8, clean, clean the "destroyed green vegetables", 52 cabinets and illegal posts, 37 sitting at the vendor, and occupy 37, jurisdiction At 22, the illegal plaque and the light box are all provided with a beautiful and tidy living environment for residents. (Source: Green Garden Release) (Editor: Wang Haohao, Xie Long).