Populus nodded:“Not bad!Tianju Tongbao,Is the currency of the Jin Dynasty,Extremely rare。”

Everyone should know,The Jin Dynasty is a dynasty established by ethnic minorities,It is opposite to the Song Dynasty。Strictly,This is not an ancient Chinese dynasty,But have a very close relationship。
Jin Dynasty,Not only economic、political,Still culture,Are very active step by step Chinese。
Take currency,It’s just copying the Song Dynasty system。Minorities don’t manage the country very much,Officials rely heavily on Han,This is why they also belong to the ancient Chinese dynasty in a broad sense。
I saw the coin in front of me,Face text in italics,diameter3cm。Tianjuantongbaoping money is in regular script,Right hand reading,among them“concern“More words;and“through“The writing is quite Xiao Nan Song“Jianyan Tongbao“Of“Point build“How to write money,“treasure“Divide into three,Very strange。The money is bareback,Brown patina,Bone rust between words,Production finishing。
“The coin has a slightly darker face and a lighter back,Clean and neat,Fully consistent with the characteristics of the era。Should be genuine。amazing,It’s like the amount of this copper coin,Currently only three。wrong,Add this one,It should be four。”Wen Wenhao said lovingly。
Xiao Gao looked surprised,Only three or four in existence?
No wonder,No wonder it is worth more than a million,Things are precious!This reason,Even Xiaowen who doesn’t understand antiques can understand。
“The time of Jin Dynasty,It should be one or two hundred years old?Their currency,How could only three or four survive?”Xiaowen can’t understand,Is this。
To know,Currency is a very common thing,Mass production at the time。even though,Till today,Thousands of years have passed,But it’s impossible to keep only three or four?
This question,You know when you hear it。
Xiao Gao quickly explained to his girlfriend:“Xiaowen,You can’t think so。Jin Dynasty has existed for a long time,But even our new China,Founded only a few decades。But in the past few decades,The RMB has changed a lot?
The same reason,Jin Dynasty also has many currencies,Every emperor may mint a set of currency,Even a few sets。Tianjuan should be a year,May not last long。Hu Ge,Are you right?”
Populus nodded:“Ok!Well analyzed。‘Gods’It was the reign of King Hee-jong Wanyan during the reign,Not too long,Within three years。”
Mentioned earlier,Sinicization of the Jin Dynasty is very serious,Advocating Han culture,And Jin Hee-jong has been educated in Han culture since he was a child,Han culture goes deep into his bones。
At the beginning of Jin Guo,Used“Barter”Way of trade,its“Taxation,Impermanence,Grab it with the cost”,But with the development of social economy,Had to transition to Liao、Song old money stage。
Because of the Liao、Song old money and pseudo-qi cast money have basically met the needs of commodity circulation and border trade,So there is no need to make money by yourself。The main reason may be the weak foundation of self-made money,high cost,Lack of raw material resources。
Although Heejong Dynasty didn’t formally make money,But advocating Han system,While accepting Han culture,Currency culture is also an indispensable part of Hee Jong’s unification and imperial power.。