Lagon took a few steps back,Indicates to leave more fighting space to Jingwei and Longshi。

You’re welcome,Don’t even say hello,Flying directly to Long Shi,Straight out with a punch,Only a moment of contact,Just let Long Shi retreat a few steps。
Exhale gently,Without this uniform soft armor,I’m afraid that my arms are already gone。
Long Shi and Long Jiu once played a friendly match,Light from this first punch,Long Shi can infer that this man named Jingwei is much stronger than Long Jiu。
Yu Guang glanced at the progress quietly,It’s harder,But it is still possible!
Take a deep breath and hold your breath,Long Shi rushed directly to Jingwei,It’s just that the next picture is the same as before,The warp and weft won’t move,Long Shi, who beat people, flew upside down。
People are still in the air,But Long Shi can clearly hear the tink,The corner of the mouth raised a trace of satisfaction,Reflexively flee,But Jingwei arrived at the place where Long Shi wanted to escape first.,Hit her back with a punch,Not only did Long Shi fail to escape,Instead, it forced her to the edge of the room。
“Want to escape?It’s not that simple!”
Jingwei smiled,Probably this is a cat and mouse game enjoyed by all winners,When the winning ticket is in hand,Not in a hurry to do something。
Slowly walked into Longshi,Creaking fists,Anyone with a discerning eye can see it,As long as Long Shi hits again,She explained here too!
Maybe as theoretically possible,Long Shi still has some opportunities to delay time,But in real life,Longitude and latitude don’t want to dream long nights。
A punch that must be won,Jingwei doesn’t care what Long Shi represents behind,Anyway keep her here,It’s better than letting a tiger go back to the mountain!
The punch of the latitude and longitude sealed all the dodge space of Long Shi,Jingwei’s face also showed a smile that ended her work!
Raised his head and took a sip of wine,But the punch I hit did not make the sound of my ideal bone crack,Turn around and look,It turned out to be the inevitable Long Shi,Jumped straight up,Seems to want to break through the window。
“Come down to me!”