Shenzhen in midsummer,The sky is as blue as the sea,Seems to have been washed with a brush,Blossoming white clouds are like a light boat sailing,Floating leisurely。

Such good weather,Even the scorching sun makes people feel good。
The construction unit is about to enter the site,Yushi was also transferred from the design department to the engineering department,And the vice president of the engineering department is Wu Zesheng。
morning,The members of the Nanao Yaju project team and the construction team leaders of various types of work conduct the drawing review and the construction plan review,As a member of the project team,Yushi also attended the meeting。
The project manager is called Guo Chenggang,Is a top student who has returned from studying abroad,Han Honglang pulled it up with one hand when he was alive。Although young,But very capable,Experience。He is responsible for one of Hengneng Real Estate’s previous gold medal properties, Yushui Mingyuan。
After the meeting,Guo Chenggang specially called Yushi to the office,Tell her if you don’t understand, just ask,You are welcome。Yushi took the opportunity to visit his teacher,Had it not been for Guo Chenggang,,Almost bowed。
Approaching evening,Yu Shi and his mother went to the hospital to see Liu Wendong,Liu Wendong has recovered,Soon discharged。A few people chatted for a while,Taking advantage of Yu Shi’s effort to accompany Zhou Wanqiu out shopping,Liu Wendong and Zhou Wenya talk about the succession of poetry。
“I heard that Cheng Gang’s poems entered the Nanao Yaju project team。”Liu Wendong and Guo Chenggang have a good relationship,I got the news right away。
“Yes,This is also the meaning of Yushi。When his father was there,Took her for a while,But after all, she was still working at Yidong Media,Not much energy to take care of both sides,Still lack of experience。Yu Shi wants to stay longer at the grassroots level,Go through all key positions,Also familiar。”Zhang Wenya told Liu Wendong the idea of poetry。
After Han Honglang is gone,Some hard things in the company,Zhang Wenya discussed with Liu Wendong。In her heart,Liu Wendong is not only a shareholder of Hengneng,Good friend of her and husband,Is also a reliable big brother。
Liu Wendong nodded in relief,“Yushi is very smart,Courageous,Very similar to Honglang when he was young。She did it right,If you let her airborne Hengneng as president,I’m afraid I can’t convince the crowd for a while。Wait for her to exercise for a while at the grassroots level,More familiar with the business,Make some more achievements,People in the company are naturally convinced。Then let her take over,It’s much easier。You know all my confidants,I have told them in private,Let them support Yushi。”
Liu Wendong is a few years older than Han Honglang,Because of health,I don’t care about the company a long time ago,Han Honglang’s sudden death,Caught many people in the company by surprise。
Zhang Wenya came out to maintain the situation as a stopgap measure,Someone must take the burden of the company。
Shareholders worry about the company being controlled by outsiders,I don’t even agree to find a professional manager。Liu Wendong communicated with several shareholders in private,Both said that as long as the poetry can prove their ability,And elected her as the president of the company。
He watched Yu Shi grow up,Yu Shi also respects him like his father,He has made up his mind,I just tried my life,Also help the poem,Put her in the position of group president。
“Big brother,Take care of your health these days,Don’t think so much。Waiting for you,It’s not too late to help Yushi plan。”Listening to Liu Wendong being sick and worrying about poetry,Zhang Wenya was very moved,I almost cried with a sore heart。
“Uncle Liu,Look what we bought for you。”
The sound of poems coming from outside the door,Zhang Wenya is busy adjusting her mood,Resume as usual。
Just finished,Yu Shi came in with Zhou Wanqiu,Holding a few lunch boxes。
Yushi opened the lunch box and placed it on the table,Laughed:“Uncle Liu,I asked the doctor,You can eat less meat,I bought you some braised pork,Solve the greedy。”