The vitality bomb was kicked and hit the top,Suddenly blasted the rocks down。Chen Xiu is holding a shield over his head,One side is kicking continuously,Kicked the fist-sized fine stones one by one at Liu Yuanming。
“Just a few stones,How rare i am!”
Liu Yuanming punched a flying stone,The stone was crushed,At the same time I felt a fiery pain in my fist,Fists full of innocence,A broken stone kicked by Chen Xiu abruptly shook the true energy away。
“How did this kid’s power become so tyrannical,He is obviously only the cultivation base of the Eighth Stage Zhenqi!”
The remaining few flying rocks dare not to be hardened,Hurry back and avoid the past,The stone hitting the rock wall behind him is more than ten centimeters deep.,It even shocked Liu Yuanming。
927 Thirty years of Hedong, Thirty years of Hexi
Chen Xiu jumped over the Broken Dragon Stone while Liu Yuanming dodges,Bullying near Liu Yuanming。
“Take over!”
After Chen Xiu shouted,Holding the python shield in the left hand,A move of the right hand,Zhen Qi gathers the edge of the palm like a sharp knife,Cut out four palms in a row!
These four palms,Chen Xiu never kept his hands,He used 12% of his true power,The palm moved slightly,The sound of breaking the sky has been mastered,When the palm is cut out,The surrounding air is moved。
Liu Yuanming only felt a flower in front of him,Chen Xiu’s palm has been split before his eyes,Like a big ship going upstream,Hit him straight!
“Every every time!”