Cold and charming: cat eye sunburn makeup


Cold and charming: cat eye sunburn makeup

Faye Wong’s sunburn makeup is cold and arrogant. Although it looks good, it is not convenient to go out.

The cat’s eye makeup is too charming, and it is easy to be mistaken to become a dusty woman when going out.

In this article, I will introduce a makeup look that combines the two distinctive makeup faces into one makeup look. It is cold and sexy but charming, and the whitening taste is set as cat-eye sunburn makeup.

  Step by step: Step1.

The fixed eyeline is generally narrow and the cat’s eyes are triangular in shape. For a balanced look, the eyeliner and eye shadow on the upper eyelid must be thick and thick, which is easy to exaggerate.

From the root of the eyelashes to the upper eyelid eyeshadow, the widest is less than 5 mm, which can magnify and refresh in the axial direction.

  Step 2.

The focus of the cat eyeliner is to draw the eyeliner. It is usually placed at the end of the eye at 45 ° and is about 8-15 mm long.

Note that when lifting the end of the eye, you can lift it flat, lift it up or follow the arc of the upper eyelid.

The lower eyeliner is brightened with a silver eyeliner, and black is easy to burst into old age and fall too mature.

  third step

The swept blush blush is not like the sunburned makeup that sweeps the bridge of the nose. Although the cheekbones of the cheeks are also scanned in the same way, it is not necessary to scan into a matrix.

From the cheekbones to the ears, use an elongated “D” sweep to gradually transition to the ears.

  the fourth step.

Lips that need to be thin are not the same as hot lips with thick lips. The cool and gorgeous feeling brought by thin lips is more suitable for this makeup look.

You can choose the same color of lipstick, but the brightness is slightly lower.

  Make up points!


The lower eyelids must be clean.

When applying mascara, lower the card between the eyelashes and the lower eyelids.


The orange blush is very good, it will make you look energetic.


Whether thick lips or thin lips, you must go beyond the lip line.