But the next scene disappointed Michelle,After a few knocks,The presidential suite was finally opened,However, the person who came to open the door was not the legendary Mr. Wu Wenjie,But it’s a big fat man with a wide body!

Obviously that fat guy didn’t expect Qiao Tianyu to come,His hair is unkempt,Didn’t even wear a shirt。
“Sanchez,excuse me!”
No nonsense,Qiao Tianyu went directly into the room without admitting his birth,Take out a bottle of iced mineral water from the refrigerator in the living room,I poured it into my stomach in three or two。
Then Qiao Tianyu put all the bread in the refrigerator、sausage、I took out all the mineral water,Throw on the table,And Michelle gobbled up。
no way,From last night to now,Qiao Tianyu and Michelle are not dripping、Uneaten,Really hungry。
I saw another beauty who came with Qiao Tianyu,The fat brother quickly copied one from the hanger at the doorTThe shirt is on。
“Oops i go,Brother Joe,Are you two starving to death?,Why are you hungry like this?”
After talking about Sanchez, he ran back to the bedroom,Hold some chocolate from inside、Fruit or something,Threw it on the dining table。
“Eat,If it’s not enough, I’ll ask the waiter to bring it up。”
After some wind and cloud remnants gobbled it up,Qiao Tianyu hiccuped and finally filled his stomach,“Sanchez,I want to see Mr. Wu Wenjie first!”
no way,Now the only people who can get in touch with Mr. Wu Wenjie are Geodaye and Sanchez,And Geodaye has no way to contact,So I want to see Mr. Wu Wenjie,I can only turn to Sanchez for help。
“Brother Joe,Are you sure you want to see Lao Wu?”Sanchez was taken aback,Confirmed to Qiao Tianyu again。
See Sanchez’s reaction,Brother Qiao felt a little,what’s the situation,Is there anything wrong with seeing Mr. Wu Wenjie?
Qiao Tianyu asked Sanchez in a puzzled way,But don’t want to be told by Sanchez,“Brother Joe,Now Wu has been completelyCIAAnd gang control,Needless to say you,It’s hard for me to see him now!”