She was unrequited love for so many years,Ran after him for so many years,In the end only got a sibling love。

How could she be willing!
A very ordinary photo is so dazzling,The bright red background color is like the blood flowing in her heart。
this moment,Lu Xin regretted not telling Huo Yunhe directly,Is it true that one move is wrong and all the game is lost??
Even if everything is what she wants,Brother Yunhe and Lu Yao separated,With myself,Would an unknowing outsider think he robbed his sister’s husband?,It’s a shameless third party?
She just did what she should do,Don’t let Yun He continue to be deceived,But the direction of things,A little out of her control。
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Six Playing with him
Yun He,The man she never forgets,Since her first love story,He is in his dreams,Being Mrs. Huo has become her obsession。
Even if she doesn’t care about others’ opinions,Huojia,Can you accept this relationship?
Aunt intervened in mother’s marriage,Robbed dad’s heart,Mother is the upright wife of the Lu family,But I’m not favored by my husband,In an awkward position。
If I take away Yunhe,,Not only fulfilled the long-cherished wish,Can be regarded as a bad breath for mother。
Kill two birds with one stone,Pay a price,Also worth it。