“meeting,Is not,will not!”

“Bitch,You die for me!”
There must be no solar flares,Lena slipped Xin Zhao’s ear with both hands,Then twist it hard,Screw it。
And Xin Zhao cried out crazy there,It directly provokes the envy of the people around, but also a little afraid。
“see it?That’s the end of finding a goddess,It’s better to find an ordinary girl,Look at this goddess,It’s really exciting!”
“Yes,Most people can’t play,I don’t know how this buddy endured it!”
“Maybe people have this hobby!”
“See you brother!”
Liu Chuang listened to the people around him,Head down,Eating what’s in front of me。
He can’t look up,Because he can’t control himself。
If these people around know that it’s a true goddess who is ravaging Xin Zhao,I don’t know if I will be envious and jealous.。
“All right,Drink quickly,They’ll be here soon,Let’s finish it in advance,Then wait for them!”