How do computer white-collar workers care for the skin?

How do computer white-collar workers care for the skin?

With the popularity of computers, many tasks can be performed using computers.

Some people sit in front of a computer, in addition to work and study, can also access the Internet, play games, watch videos . Every day, they can spend more than 10 hours at the computer desk.

  However, the longer you sit in front of the computer, the skin will gradually become dry and dull, spots appear, and you can even see wrinkles in the corners of your eyes. This is mainly due to computer radiation.

  Experiments have shown that computer radiation has a great effect on the skin.

There was a female staff member who had very good skin, was tender and had no spots.

Due to the shortened Internet surfing time, the skin began to dry, peel, and become yellowish.

This is because the static electricity generated by computer screen radiation is the easiest to absorb dust. If you face it continuously, it will cause spots and wrinkles on the skin.

Therefore, when working in front of the computer, do not prevent the application of skin care lotion, and add a layer of light powder to increase the skin’s resistance.

  Computer-generated radiation not only causes dry and dehydrated skin, accelerates aging, but also severely causes skin cancer.

Therefore, when enjoying the convenience and happiness brought by the computer, you must pay attention to maintaining your own skin.

So, how should computer families take care of their skin?

  How stressful work is on any day, and how tired you are when you go home. After leaving the computer, the first task is to clean the skin. Wash the face thoroughly with warm water and cleansing liquid, wash away the electrostatically adsorbed dirt, and then apply mild skin care.Product.

There is no doubt that there should be no such “procedure”.