The infinite hidden world behind men

The infinite hidden world behind men

Women’s greatest misfortune lies in misunderstanding men. They always doubt what’s behind men.

In fact, the relationship between women and men is exhalation and inhalation, exhalation is a woman’s own, and inhalation is a man.

When a woman can understand the relationship with a man in essence, the independence and liberation of a woman may really come.

  Men are easy to grasp. No matter how many illusions, as long as you love him, you may find his way.

Women love men a lot of fun. Through love for men, they can also discover the infinite hidden world behind men.

  Men are indeed very complicated and changeable “animals”, and they have struggled throughout their lives.

In order to reflect his value, men will continue to secretly create ideas in their hearts.

Hiddenness is a nanny who grows up, but also a nutrient that nourishes the soul of a man.

A man will be empty without a secret, and will feel exhausted.

Men can’t live without secrets.

  Men’s political and professional secrecy is very rational, far less than men’s emotional secrecy and fun.

Everyone knows that when a man sees his favorite woman, he will soon have a secret tenderness and be full of romantic fantasy.

Some men will lose their minds and become silly “pugs” in a flash.

The favorite woman is a terrific nuclear weapon. Men will automatically disarm immediately at the first sight, and they will obediently adjust their mentality to connect with the favorite woman in the most sincere and gentlemanlike manner.

Smart people know the key to men and ask them to do business. They always bring a pretty woman.

Those who pull insurance and advertisements often use this hand. Even if men understand that they are beautiful, they are often willing to win.

Some publications now also widely use pretty female weapons to attract readers.

Interestingly, many interviews also entered the battle for pretty girls.

One publication wanted to interview a well-known “Old Fritters” man. They sent a capable ugly man to the horse. As a result, the “Old Fritters” had no passion, and only gave the interviewer a boring document, which ended in a hurry.

Later, they asked the person to interview again, but with a pretty girl to help out.

The “Old Fritters” suddenly turned into fresh bread, and the mood was so high that there was even no talk, and the saliva was more than tea.

  Men sometimes hide nothing great, but they just want to hide.

I asked myself: What is the deepest and longest secret?

Thinking about it is just a very long little thing: that is the name of the first-grade female monitor in elementary school.

I usually don’t want to say her name easily, as if that name is sacred.

Since the primary school had a transfer, the original classmates’ names were forgotten, but I just remembered her, I really do n’t know what the complex was.

Men are secretive and do not want others to inquire, such as inquiring will be annoying to this person, maybe this is a taboo in human nature.

  Secrecy can increase a man’s sense of weight, and a man with a heavy sense has a special look.

People who know how to read can appreciate the experiences in the eyes of heavy men. Whether those experiences are hurt or joyful, they are all men’s sacred history.

Men don’t easily tell their history to others unless he accepts you.

The level of a woman in a man’s heart can be easily transformed: a man giving money to a woman can only show things that are willing to give something outside; but if a man can tell a woman the secret of his heart, it means that the man’s soul is approaching the woman.

When their souls match, love is born.

  Women value men’s psychological age. In fact, psychological age is indeed more important than biological age.

How to polish a man’s psychological age in an instant?

The method is very simple: Men’s psychological age is about 20 years old, and he looks at women’s face and chest first; if the psychological age is 30 years old, he will look at the woman’s waist and hips first; at the psychological age of 40, he prefers to look at the feet andCalf; and when the psychological age is over 50, men dare not face women, always peeking at women’s back.

Of course, this is just a mental reaction of the average man.

The mental age of good men is very vague. They sometimes look like little children and sometimes look like masters.

Some men can know a woman’s mind in a flash, they are women’s nemesis, and always make a woman’s heart beat.They look at women very three-dimensionally, not at the shape of the woman, but also at the temperament of the woman.

The most powerful thing is to see a woman through, hook out the woman’s soul, and linger with his soul.

Women find such men terrible, but they are longing for them.

They do not make women boring, but they always make women feel irritating and crisis.

No matter how frank these men are, women make women feel that there are many secrets behind him, because they are really masters of constant creativity.

  Men do have faults.

When you see a good woman, the first reaction is to imagine the feeling of falling in love with this woman.

This illusion completely excites the man, and also makes the man think that it is to make her a sexual partner, lover and wife?

But when a new and more beautiful woman appears, the man will forget the last excitement, and repeat the game for the new beautiful woman.

There is a saying that goes well: a woman goes to the street to buy something she loves, but a man goes to the street to peek at a cute woman.

  Some married men are also strange, and met a good woman to replace her with his wife.

If the woman was too attractive to him and left him alone, it would be his wife.

He must be angry with his wife somehow, and make his wife a scapegoat for his frustration.

Of course, it is not entirely because men are angry at home because women, work, and social irregularities can easily make men angry.

Men like to be sullen, and they are particularly reluctant to tell their families the reasons for being angry.

Smart women have to learn to let men get rid of their anger, don’t treat him with anger, and change constantly is the highest level of dealing with angry men.

  Some men secretly pretend to be women on the Internet, but they are actually subsexual reactions.

The reality is that it is difficult to give this man the opportunity to have multiple sexual expressions, so they have to play with their gender online.

However, the pretended “beauties online” are not cute, and mature men can easily see through their tricks.

Because a real woman has a very pure femininity, whether it is reflected in form or words, the delicateness and charm of it are difficult for fake women to disguise.

Fake women are very bold on the Internet and will be reckless. “She” cannot learn the instinct and shame of real women.