To know,Qin Feng’s treatment,That has already made many people jealous。

“Haha,I don’t know this thing too,If you want to go there,That also has to wait for Mr. Tianguang to arrange。”
Gao Yu usually cannot care about these people,But after becoming Qin Feng’s driver,He also discovered that everyone has their own value,So what do these people say,He also responded with a smile。
Seeing Gao Yu’s reaction,Those people are also relieved,Many people were still worried that Gao Yu would be too arrogant,Unwilling to talk to them。
did not think of,It will be so easy。
A group of people also continued to talk to Gao Yu。
But things here are much simpler,Gao Yu said some flavors,These people are also ready quickly,Their mood is also a bit calmer。
This thing is not as bad as thought,Everyone has a chance to perform。
at the same time,Some food delivery people also walked in and brought out some prepared dishes。
“Lao Zhang,Let me do this,I always wanted to see the style of boss Qin Feng,But there is always no chance。”
There was a waiter who wanted to serve food out,But a little chef said with excitement。
“what?This is not so reasonable, right?”The waiter has no special thoughts,If you serve dishes like this, they can be remembered,That’s nonsense。
Just because this matter is his own situation,So he didn’t dare to act like this。
Heard this,The chef said with a serious face:“There is nothing wrong with this,You also know,People like me have always liked doing things。”