do not know why,Although the god people are powerful,The average combat power far exceeds the human strong,But they don’t seem to have the ability to sense breath,Just pure energy is powerful,That’s why Lu Menglin has been thinking,If human beings are to fight against the gods,What tactics will have a chance of winning。

Until just now,When Bei Gongwang picked up this rage cut,Lu Menglin could tell at a glance,Bei Gongwang is of course greedy,But his mood is not right,Seems to be affected by external forces,Red glow in his eyes,Much more violent than usual,Obviously out of control。
It’s not hard to guess that Bei Gongwang can become such an incentive,Only that anger cut,exactly,Is the core of this rage cut,Can produce emotional fluctuations。
and so,When Bei Gongwang was greedy,The moment I grasped that anger cut,He is already under mind control,Can’t help it。
This rage cut,In his heart**And the violence are released to their heart’s content。Maybe,This is the real scary place of the Anger Slayer。
Lu Menglin grasped this,Take advantage of the other’s confusion,Directly with《Mental power》Control mind,Separate a bunch of spiritual power,Sent into Beigongwang’s brain and blew himself up,Take advantage of the trend to detonate the violent meaning in the core of the angry sword,Immediately shocked Bei Gongwang’s mind,Almost become an idiot。
“he,Is he dead?”After Mu Feiyan opened his eyes,See this scene in front of me,Can’t help but tremble。
“of course not,If he dies,The Beigong family will let you go?”Lu Menglin smiled and replied,As if everything is in his calculations。
Mu Feiyan was shocked,Looking at the hero Lu in disbelief,There was a very strange emotion in my heart。
This guy in front of me,Are they really nether creatures??Why he seems to know everything,Can be expected everywhere,Consider ahead?
Mu Feiyan hasn’t recovered from the shock,The first thing she considered was Bei Gongwang’s status,I can’t wait to kill him right away,Then I can survive,But after another thought,The hero Lu is right,Although Bei Gongwang is extremely hateful,But he can’t die,If he died,I can’t explain it clearly。
The dominance of the Beigong family,It is very likely to take advantage of the situation,Not only in big trouble,I’m afraid Mu’s will follow the bad luck。