Listening to the voice,Can be reminiscent of his distorted expression。

At this moment,When referring to words like hundreds of thousands,Shan You’s intent to fight has already surpassed Xiang Chen…
Chapter Three Hundred and Nineteen Li Zhan Shan You
One’s willpower,Or how strong is the combat effectiveness,This is difficult to assess,Or it varies from person to person,Or it depends,Just mortal,Everything will have a tipping point。
Just where is Xiang Chen’s critical point?Now everyone can’t help but draw a question mark,Every time I think he is the end of the war,This guy can always hold on。
Varying degrees of injury to the legs,One arm under Qu Tianyi’s efforts,Can also be declared obsolete,In addition, Xiang Chen’s stray wounds。People who are bystanders can no longer imagine,The same situation falls on others,What will be the result。
But this Xiang Chen is dragging such a body,You can still play with singles and two people。
Hit now,Shan has rarely spoken,But it seems to be using this way to prove to everyone,Xiang Chen isstjixin.How strong!
“That old guy Tianshu always talks to me,Three Realms,The situation is like cattle and sheep,In the middle,The upper boundary is like a Qianlong。Although I have never liked that old thing very much,But what he said still makes sense。”
Supported by Long San and Long Si,Qu Tianyi has sat next to Li Futang again,Looking at Xiang Chen who is still struggling not far away,Qu Tian’s old face,Smile and play。
“Since the death of the big brother,I think this world is very boring,Till today,I found a little smell!”
Qu Tianyi seems to be chatting,But Li Futang has begun to silently make other plans。
Today, it seems that there is no way to win the glory of Li Jia,But how will it end?,Still to be discussed。
Looking back at the future successors of the Li family,Somewhat incredible,But their faces are not much fearful,This is what Li Futang is most pleased with。The Li family can be impoverished,Like when I was young,The Li family can have nothing,It’s okay to sleep on the street with a family,But the Li family can’t be without ambition and courage。