Even the same level,It also has to be divided into three, six or nine,Zhang Chulan may not even be able to beat the Celestial Master now,How can I be confident that I can beat Nezha group members who are born in one side of the world?。

“let me guess,Is it because of the inability to break through??Don’t be impatient,Everything must be done gradually,There can be no good thing,That’s not realistic。”
“not to mention,Tier 3 Pinnacle Advanced Tier 4,That is the transformation of essence,I don’t know how many group members in the chat group are stumped,Zhang Chulan’s group members can’t make a smooth breakthrough.,Why bother?”
Nezha said with a smile,If not so,He has already advanced to Tier 4,Why bother staying at the top of Tier 3,It’s all because his body can’t stand the strength of Tier 4。
of course,He can also forcefully advance to Tier 4,But the consequences,Or body breakdown,Or it will always be the appearance of a child,This is not what Nezha wants to see。
“The essential difference?Thanks Nezha group members for enlightening,I know。”
Zhang Chulan said calmly,Anyway, he has already planned to take the lead in the world where Ying Zheng is located after going offline for a while.,After all, I have received so many favors from Ying Zheng,Always payable。
“correct,When will Zhang Chulan’s group members go to the world where Yingzheng group members are located??There are many strong people in the third-tier peak of the Great Qin Dynasty,Zhang Chulan’s group members have to act low-key when they go。”
Nezha asked curiously,After the members of the Yingzheng group retreat,,foreseeable,The Great Qin Dynasty definitely wants to start the journey to other worlds,At that time, Zhang Chulan’s group members will also be accompanied,He is very curious about how strong this Great Qin Dynasty is。
Or,The Great Qin Dynasty is in the hands of the members of Yingzheng,How powerful it has become,You must know that as the leader of a thousand worlds, Yingzheng has no shortage of points.,Then predictable,The Great Qin Dynasty is definitely as strong as a cloud。
“After I’m offline for a while,Will take his hands down to the plane where the leader of Yingzheng is located,Then repay the old kindness,Although my strangers are very aggressive,But I think they should know what kind of people can’t provoke。”
Zhang Chulan remembered her subordinates on weekdays,Said quietly,People in the foreign world are used to two tricks when they meet frequently,This is also the custom of the alien world,Zhang Chulan will naturally not restrain her subordinates。
but,Went to the world where the Yingzheng boss is,He believes that his subordinates should know what a measure is called,otherwise,Zhang Chulan doesn’t mind punishing a few subordinates casually,Slaughter。
“I haven’t seen the grand occasion of the Great Qin Dynasty of Yingzheng group members either,But I remember that there were mainly two cultivation methods in the Great Qin Dynasty,The general masters the cultivation method of Qi and blood martial arts,Lieutenant generals gather energy and blood,Restrain all monsters。”