Although Zhong Liying’s gaze has been staring at the artwork on the desktop,But her trembling shoulders have already betrayed her inner shock。

Who can think of it,Projects that only started two days ago,Now someone actually tells them,Can earn tens of millions,This huge temptation is in front of you,As long as Lu Menglin nodded,Each of them can get huge returns that exceed expectations。
now,Lu Menglin also sighed in his heart,The guy in front of you is indeed the Jiang family,My eyesight is a bit poisonous,After only playing a few rounds, I fell in love with Three Kingdoms,In other words, I understand the huge commercial potential of the board game market。
“to be frank,If you are not Jinghong’s friend,I can even leave now,I don’t have to talk to you at all,I have figured out how to play this thing anyway,It’s easy to find someone to paint a few heroes of the Three Kingdoms。”Jiang Qizhi has a smile on his face,Murderous in words。
In business,No business, no evil,Although he was entrusted by Jiang Jinghong,,But its essence is primarily a businessman,No reason to see good business opportunities,Rich but not profitable。
And he made it clear,This idea is very exciting,But just be creative,Can’t exchange for huge commercial value,Awesome creativity
Driven by capital,In the hands of capable people,Will exchange for wealth。
Driven by huge interests,There are a hundred ways for wealthy businessmen to plunder ideas,Plagiarism is just one of them。
Besides, Jiang Qizhi is not just a simple businessman,He controls half of the entertainment industry in Shenzhen,Itself is a cruel character between black and white,It’s not surprising what means。
The atmosphere in the private room suddenly became tense,Even the air seems to be frozen。
After Jiang Qizhi said this,,No one spoke again,Only the coffee on the table is steaming。
Xu Ling and Liu Tao have solemn expressions,They finally found,Compared with this guy who is always smiling,Wang Yang and Hao Jianming just now are not even rivals,The real opponent is here,And this opponent is obviously only Lu Menglin qualified to deal with。
“how about it?Give me 60% of the shares,In fact, not only did your income not decrease,And will definitely increase,Substantial increase。Do you need me to calculate this account for you??”Jiang Qi said with a straight smile。
And he believes,The boy in front of me would never be so stupid to think,Only by his personal relationship with Jiang Jinghong,Can block one’s own footsteps,The possibility of changing this has become a reality。
Lu Menglin slowly raised his head,The eyes are still firm。
“I have already said,I will give you up to 10% of the shares,Plus the qualifications of a first-level distributor。”
“what?”Even Yijiang Qizhi’s city house,Are inevitably angry,I almost believe that this boy is seemingly shrewd,Really stupid kind of person。